Fifteen pillars of consideration when building your medical clinic

beautiful healthcare clinic interior design

Did you know that the global wellness economy grew by 12.8% from $3.7 trillion in 2015 to $4.2 trillion in 2017?

With COVID-19, the demand for preventive healthcare services will heighten even more.

Baby boomers will simultaneously keep the demand high for aged health care services. The latest data shows that there are approximately 5 million baby boomers across Australia. According to a recent report by McCrindle, our nation will have more people aged over 65 than under 18 by 2030.

With the strong demand for health care services, the demand for medical clinics would naturally accelerate.

According to the 2019 General Practitioner Workforce Report by Deloitte, there will be a shortfall of nearly 9,300 full-time general practitioners by 2030.

These external data tell you that now is the perfect time to start your own medical clinic and to help you get started on commercial construction, below are some tips to set the trajectory of your clinic on the right track.

1. Timing. According to real estate experts, doctors who still have a minimum of 10 years of practice ahead of them are the best to build a medical clinic. By the end of that period, they are likely to have finished paying off mortgages, which means the health care practice can start generating higher returns.

2. Location. Below are the location factors you need to consider to ensure an excellent ROI:

  • Nearby clinic competition

  • Population numbers

  • Nearby businesses to spur foot traffic

  • Tourism

  • Future local infrastructure investments

  • Whether it has your ideal clientele

3. Colour. Use colours like blue in non-treatment spaces to uplift mood and reduce anxiety. Paint the walls of your health care office with lighter shades to exude a sense of space and volume.

4. Spacing. Increase productivity and boost patient satisfaction by implementing a design solution that would help medical staff move between spaces with ease.

5. Light. Natural light improves Vitamin D Level, lifts spirits, reduces bacteria in dust and dead skin cells, and lowers utility costs. You can invite more sunlight to your practice through floor-to-ceiling windows, glass curtain walls, and skylights.

good colours for clinic waiting areas 

6. First Impression. Waiting areas speak volumes of your brand. Cultivate feelings of trust by making them neat, welcoming, and visible. An emerging trend in commercial construction is using manoeuvrable furniture to empower patients with more control over the experience.

7. Biophilic. Integrating outdoor elements in your health care clinic like water and vegetation evokes a sense of wellness and tranquillity that can make your clients feel more calm and comfortable.

8. Technology. As time evolves, so should your clinic. Key trends you might want to look into and incorporate in your design plans are digital kiosks and patient survey stations.

9. Accessibility. Implement appropriate access points to accommodate all sorts of patients and handle different situations. Think of your patients whilst planning ramps, elevators, or ambulance bays to nail this part.

10 Maintenance. Research the best materials to use for a medical clinic. Find out the methods to clean them and their strength to handle foot traffic.

medical clinic wellness design landscape

11. Waste Management. Carefully plan the location of your hygiene disposal units. Make sure it’s discreet.

12. Environmental Impact. Medical facilities and health centers consume massive power and produce great waste. Lessen your carbon footprint by incorporating minimalism and using environmentally-friendly products as much as possible into your health care practice.

13. Security Measures. Consider your clientele to determine the security features you need to implement. You might also want to establish privacy zones for high profile patients.

14. Flooring. Your surface should be easy to clean, durable to bear the impact of pedestrian and equipment traffic, and needless to say, non-slip to avoid accidents.

15. Choose the right commercial construction contractor. There are plenty of other factors to consider but with excellent commercial builders, this process can be a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Make sure you do your research before you venture with a builder. Look into the builders’ track record and years of experience.

If you have any commercial construction or renovation project you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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