Case Study: Renovating a Perth primary school

balcony primary school before and after

Did you know that we have 9,542 schools across Australia?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 4,006,974 students in 2020 and the average student to teaching staff ratio for all schools was 13.5 students to one teacher.

Recently, Chest Constructions had an excellent opportunity to work with a primary school in Perth. The client needed our team’s commercial construction expertise in revamping the balconies and ramp, which previously posed slip risks, especially during rainy weather conditions.

renovated balcony primary school 

The Brief

  • A primary school located in Perth needs us to upgrade its balconies and ramp as a measure to prevent accidents or injuries.

  • The client also wanted to improve their aesthetics with the former look lacking visual appeal.

  • The client wanted minimal to zero disruption in normal school operations and neighbourhood activity whilst completing the commercial renovation.

  • We were the preferred commercial construction contractor for the project with our strong reputation, proven skill, and wealth of experience.

  • With over 20 years of experience, we have worked alongside large organisations including BP, Synergy, WA Government, Bridgestone, WA Police, Childcare Centres and hundreds of owner-operated businesses for commercial construction, renovation, or expansion projects.

renovated balcony primary school 

The Results

  • We successfully delivered agreed outcomes through effective communication across all stakeholders.

  • The client commended our professionalism and work ethics, especially with ensuring that our commercial remodeling work didn’t disrupt school operations nor the neighbourhood.

  • Our cost-effective design solution improved safety, aesthetics, and functionality, truly enhancing user experience. This has significantly boosted company confidence and employee morale.

  • The client was able to save on overall electricity costs with its brand new ceiling.

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