Did you know that 43% of cyber attack victims are small businesses due to lack of security equipment?

Surprisingly, another research revealed that 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employers. This contributes to the $50k losses businesses incur annually due to theft.

Here are 4 security equipment essentials so you can protect both the physical and intellectual assets for your office space:

CCTV System

A study based on 40 years of evaluation, showed that CCTV equipment caused a 13% decrease in crime rates. As CCTV footage is admissible in court, installing these devices in your office space can help you build a strong case.

Motion Lights

A simple yet effective security equipment for your office space

is motion lights, which create a psychological deterrent against crimes. A study by the School of Criminal Justice shows that motion security lighting is more effective than other outdoor lighting options. No wonder the market for this security equipment is currently valued at 716 million and is expected to grow to 1.3 billion in 2026.

Protection Software

Cybercrime happens not only from the outside. Employees can also commit intellectual property theft, data theft, hacking and security breaches. It is estimated that the cost of cybercrime by 2025 will be $10 trillion annually.

Visitor Management System

Apart from protection software, a visitor management system allows you to track people who might have a chance of accessing your computers and networks within your office space. The benefits of this security equipment have never been more emphasised during the height COVID-19 pandemic for contact tracing.

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