As renovation builders in Perth, Chest Constructions have completed many renovations over the years, with clients expectations exceeded. We strive to offer our clients a real personal approach to the way we undertake our works, mainly because the owners are still living there, or very keen to get back into their dream home.

Understanding the sequence of events in a renovation is something that Chest Constructions take pride in knowing. It will make the difference to the way your project flows, minimizing the chance of costs increasing and any unforeseen disruptions to the owners.  Renovating your old space is better than building or moving to a new office in Perth. The hassle that comes with looking for a new space whether temporal or permanent is energy, time and finances. An upgrade to your already existing office or office fitout will not only ensure you maintain your location but everything in your environment.

Our clients come to us with different reasons as to why they are considering a renovation. The most common reasons being a need for more space and refurbishing worn-out structures. We take into consideration and prioritize the client’s needs before giving our view on the planned upgrade. A site visit to the actual premises gives us a better understanding of what we are dealing with. This will result in appropriate advice on the right renovation solutions to undertake to be it building an additional floor, office extensions, a new commercial build, or other structures.

Office Renovations Perth

As commercial builders in Perth, we also provide information that may be unseen to the client with every possible renovation. Renovations are quite expensive to undertake. Nevertheless, our qualified and experienced office renovation builders in Perth will ensure unnecessary costs are cut off from the budget reducing the costs tremendously.

Considering a Renovation in Perth?
  • Finding the right builder This is never an easy task. We at Chest Constructions offer a full package service for our clients. This makes it easier for the client to budget and monitor the work progress as it will involve working with a single contractor.
  • Consultation Before you settle on the type of renovation or even the contractor, consult widely and do your research. Ask for past projects from the contractor and compare those that share the same vision as yourself. Asking questions on why the contractor prefers a certain renovation style or material gives you a better understanding of what to expect.
  • Office Neighbours Let your neighbours know of your plans. Construction sites produce noise and dust that can get you easily sued in court. You also do not want altercations resulting from building near to a common fence.
  • Approvals The design of any construction in Perth requires approval from the local authorities. Our team of renovation builders Perth will spare you the trouble that comes with approvals.

Looking for office renovations in Perth? We always work towards customer satisfaction. Contact us to get the best from the best in the market.

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