With quality building and service comes perfect liaising with designers, architects, structural engineers and interior consultants. Over the years we have built a strong relationship with many different consultants. As office designers, we can offer a design and construct service from high-end architectural service to simple home designs and renovation plans depending on your needs.

First impressions do last, they say. At Chest Constructions, we are determined to provide the best impression to your workplace. It does not end with impressions alone; here is what you get from a commercially designed and constructed workspace.

We have vast experience in designing and construction of office space, cafes, education and learning centers, medical clinics, retail shop, office fitouts, and interiors. We lead in commercial design Perth.

  • Enhanced worker morale Having an efficient workforce enhances productivity. One way of getting their morale high is getting a comfortable working place.
  • Safety and code In commercial workplaces safety for workers and clients are vital. Having a full understanding of the local authority’s regulations will spare you trouble from them.
  • Proper company identification Interiors designed in the company’s colors promote a corporate identity. From wall painting, flooring, and lighting to direction signs for clients.
  • Optimized staff input Easy workflow designs are really important. Having a workplace that can easily be monitored is equally important.
  • Commercial & Fitout Design Every project is allocated a fully certified project manager to see it through. Balancing between time, affordability and quality is a hard task especially when multiple works is done simultaneously. The project manager ensures the initial design and plan is not lost by encountering potential threats even before they occur.

    Too much focus on quality to unrealistic degrees can have adverse effects on the process and blow budgets, rushing through work to beat deadlines too. The project manager creates the bridge between these to actualize the plan and ensure that the work is delivered on time, affordable, and without any compromise on quality.

    Finding the perfect builder is not an easy task. At Chest Constructions, we provide effective commercial solutions. With our experience in the field, we have come across every type of builder for our projects and we only deliver quality.
  • Proper company identification The concept stage is vital in the building process.  Creating a more aesthetic environment is our core business. Our team of experts takes into consideration the client’s needs, vision, and priorities before we create any design. The icing on the cake, we ensure every design is not geared towards promoting our company but our clients only. This makes every concept created uniquely in its own way.

Why Consider Us For Your Office Design Perth Needs?

Whether you are moving into a new workplace or upgrading an old one, here is why you should contact the commercial design Perth experts.

  1. Customer focus – all our services are customer oriented. With the customers’ needs coming first after which we incorporate our expertise to create the best designs and actualize them by building.
  2. Modern technology – our team has invested in modern technology to enhance quality. The client has a full 3D view of the plan before it is brought to life.
  3. Reliable quotations – we ensure our clients stay within their budget range. Providing appropriate quotations will ensure planning for the necessary in the correct amounts cutting costs of any extra materials and labor. This also ensures timely completion of work as materials don’t lack after the construction has begun.

As commercial builders in Perth, we cover the building industry from top to bottom. You can be sure to get the best professionally guided services when you contact us.

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