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Keys to a Successful Office Renovation

An office renovation is one of the most exciting things a business can go through. It signifies growth for the company and a new space for everyone to develop their knowledge and skills further.

What makes a successful office renovation?

Below are some key points to take note.

  • 1. Renovation Strategy A clear renovation strategy covers everything from the budget to all the interior and exterior changes -- will the furniture or lighting fixtures be replaced, does the cement outside need updating? This includes all the costs of the consultations, the paperwork, the labour, and emergency funds, to name a few.

    The renovation strategy should also indicate where the current tenants will move. Will they be staying in a different part of the building during the renovation or in another place? This is one crucial part that no business owner and renovation head should overlook.
  • 2. Sustainability There are three critical factors in real estate sustainability --- space, energy consumption, and life cycle of the raw materials. Achieving sustainability means maximising your office space and creating multi-purpose and multi-dimensional spaces for your tenants, opting for energy-efficient HVAC units,
    as well as furnishing and furniture that are both trendy and durable.

    Putting sustainability as one of the priorities in any renovation ensures property owners don’t need to do further reconfigurations or fixes every once in a while.

    Sustainability in office renovation also takes into consideration the size of the company (both current and in the future), as well as the other necessary spaces that the office might need as the business further grows.

    Also, the building can also apply for an Energy Star rating. This rating indicates that its energy consumption is lower compared to the regular consumption of other buildings. For tenants, this means lesser electricity bills; and that, by itself, is a great benefit!
  • 3. Financial Incentives Depending on the building type, age, and location, certain offices might be eligible for financial incentives. Check with your contractor and the local offices.
    For buildings located in enterprise zones, additional benefits might include reduced regulations and infrastructure incentives.


Careful planning is essential to any successful office renovation. Finalise all the details, talk to the experts, and have reliable communication both with your tenants and contractors.

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