Almost everyone loves a comfortable home. It’s the place you can put your feet up after a long day at work and relax surrounded by comfort and luxury. While people may go to many lengths to make their homes feel as comfortable as possible, very few consider adding the same homely feel to their office design.

After all an office is a place for business transactions and other formal duties. An office is that place where people dress up in ties and suits and there is no need for comfort. The world is, however, changing and you can make your office a comfortable place to go to everyday by making it feel homier. As commercial office interior designers in Perth, we understand that creating an atmosphere in the workplace that feels homier can minimise stress at work and increase productivity.

People tend to work better in relaxed situations and the look of the office set-up goes a long way in providing that relaxation. To garner more productivity, consider following these ways for a more comfortable homier look for your office.

Change the furniture

Do away with the norm and break some rules by rethinking about your office furniture. For that conference room, do away with the usual office furniture and replace the conference table with a nice dining table with comfortable chairs. Give your shelves and cabinets a new look and let them hold everything in the office to avoid clutter. instead of the usual formal chairs at the reception, add class by putting up comfortable chairs and a beautiful coffee table to go with the sofas.

Add more life with accessories

Adding accessories to your office changes the mood making it feel cozier and homier. Some of the accessories you can add for more charm are things like rugs, fluffy poofs to give your feet a feeling of relaxation and added comfort, throw pillows, pen holders, painting travel items and a colourful chalkboard among many others.


Good lighting brightens up every room. Do away with the dull or very bright office lights, replace them with colourful hanging bulbs, look for lamps with great artwork and designs, and make sure your office has enough natural light. With enough sunshine and beautiful colours around the office, everyone will feel like they are at home and work with more relaxation.

Paint the office afresh

Many offices have white intimidating colours on the walls. You can change the look to give your office a new more relaxed look by painting the walls with colours that feel homier than formal.

Get personal

Personalising your workspace makes the office feel homier. Allow your staff members to bring in items from home that make the office feel cozier and different. The items that could make the difference are family photos, fresh flowers on the desks and mementos. With these on your desk, you will take pride in coming to the office every day because you have something on your desk that reminds you of home.

Wrapping it up

Working in an office does not have to be all formal and boring. Add colour to what you already have or change the whole setting in order to work in a more relaxed and comfortable space. For more info on office or property costs, check out this post.

With many people spending most of their waking time in the offices rather than at home, there is need to make the place as homey as possible. For this and more ideas on office designs, go to our website and contact us.