Every year, the interior design landscape welcomes new trends and ideas. 2019 is no different. This year in particular, there is an emphasis on the latest dining room trends. So far, these trends are as applicable to dining spaces as any other part of the house. Therefore, how you make the most of the dining 2019 trends is entirely a matter of your preference and personal taste. Ready to update your dining room? Here are some of the latest dining room trends you can try in 2019.

Mixed Trending Dining Room Chairs

Mismatching dining chairs is among the latest trends in dining table sets and also a favourite among many homeowners. Having different dining chairs around the table allows you to be creative. If you want to achieve the mixed dining chair look, the best way to do it to either stick to a similar style, silhouette, colour palette or just go all out and pick the chairs you love. However, ensure they are all of the same height at least.

Benches instead of Chairs

Incorporating benches that match your dining table instead of chairs is a modern twist to dining décor. This option not only saves you space but also allows more seating area. Since benches are less formal, this option helps you create an informal setting. Overall, this trend offers a very intimate space which is not only perfect for family dinners but also parties and gatherings.

Pendant lighting

When it comes to lighting trends around the dining room area, think asymmetrical designs, wicker lighting, off kilter texture and avant-garde shapes. A pendant light makes for a great accessory in your dining room. Additionally, it can help tie the room together as well as add that extra something-something.

Matte Finished Fixtures

Matte finish goes well with pendant lighting thus why in present times there has been a growing inclination towards matte finished fixture for lighting. Therefore, choosing pendant lights in a matte finish to hang you’re your antique style dining table will create a juxtaposition of both the modern and traditional look.


Eclectic décor equal fun and interesting and mixing style is also another 2019 favourite trend. The dining room tends to be the one place where you can get super creative with pairings whether it is contrasting colours, different chairs or juxtaposing styles. It is interesting and fun to take two styles that are opposing of each other and blend them together to create a unique ambience. A good example of such is industrial or rustic décor mixed with glam.

Mirrored Tabletop

The reflective or mirrored tabletop adds glamour to the overall interior décor. However, if you’re not so keen on such a dramatic furniture piece then consider going for sideboards and mirrors that have a glazed and antique finish for a bit of dramatic effect to your home décor. The worn and mottled finish of antique mirrors has its benefits since it perfectly disguises any stain or wear.Since your dining room area is the hub for all family gatherings it is deserving of a warm and welcoming look.