Depending on the type of business you own, a business premise needs certain fixtures, fittings, or services connected before you can start operating. A good commercial fitout can strengthen your brand image.

Here is a guideline when considering your commercial fitout in Perth:

Approval Needed Before You Can Start Your Fitout

Determine Whether You Need a DA or CDC

You need a DA (Development Application) to carry out work on a heritage-listed building or if your building has never been used as a commercial space or office. Once you receive the DA approval, you can now apply for a Construction Certificate (CC). The certificate confirms the specific changes you will make to the building.

You need a CDC (Complying Development Certificate) if you do not plan to make any changes to the building. Suppose you are moving into a commercial space that was used by a similar business like yours; you will need a CDC. The CDC ensures you comply with the environmental and safety codes.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider in Your Design?

The Scope of Your Commercial Fitout

Ensure that your commercial fitout complies with the specific industry standards and the health and safety requirements before committing to any fitout elements. You should consider fitout elements such as lighting, air-conditioning, floor and window coverings, power points, electrical fittings, and smoke detectors in order to leave enough space for your staff, customers, storage and stock.

The Costs and Responsibilities

Consider your budget. Talk to your landlord as some landlords contribute to business fitouts. However, if your commercial space is within a shopping centre, you may need to budget for very specific fitout requirements. Additionally, you need to know the necessary approvals.

Plan for the End of Your Lease

Once your lease ends, you need to have a clear understanding of what will happen to your fitout elements. Some fitout elements like shelving units can be moved. However, certain fixtures, including smoke detectors and power-points, will be left behind. Ensure that a clear agreement concerning these fitout elements is in place at the end of your lease.

Tips for a Successful Commercial Fitout

Prepare Your Brief

This step is essential before considering your interior design and commercial fitout. Your brief establishes the guidelines for your fitout and can be helpful to select the perfect commercial space for your business. The owner/manager of a building is more likely to sign a lease with a fully signed-off design plan.

Find a Suitable Commercial Space

Once you prepare your brief, you should know the size and type of space you need. You can do your own research; however, it is best to work with a professional who can help to find a suitable commercial space for your business.

Assess Design and Fitout Proposals

It is best to hire a commercial fitout specialist to design your commercial space. Give your brief to the specialist and be clear on your expectations. Once the specialist submits their proposal, assess the design and fitout suggestions to ensure they meet your requirements.

Commercial Fitouts Experts Perth

A well-planned commercial fitout can fulfil your office requirements and improve your business performance.

Chest Constructions cover all aspects of this process so your new fitout can fit seamlessly with your entire commercial premises. To begin the process for your commercial fitouts Perth project, get in touch.