More and more Australians are turning to cosmetic clinics for their beauty treatments and maintenance, with popular non-surgical providers offering services such as IPL and laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, skin needling, dermal filler and wrinkle relaxers.

With the nation spending over $1 billion annually on cosmetic treatments, the industry is getting increasingly competitive so practitioners need to put their best foot forward to secure new and ongoing business. And that starts with a good-looking cosmetic clinic design.

A great cosmetic clinic design is equal parts aesthetics and functionality.

You should pay close attention to the interior design and fit out of your Perth cosmetic clinic, as the use of design principles to set the right tone will be crucial in ensuring your clients feel safe and comfortable when attending.

Colour scheme, comfortable furnishings and good lighting are all important factors to consider when designing your space, as is a layout that ensures your client’s privacy where needed.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to give your clinic a facelift – it is important to talk with a professional that is experienced in medical and cosmetic clinic design and fit-outs as they will be able to provide you with valuable guidance on how you can make the space your own while adhering to important non-negotiables.

Here are some essential spaces you’ll need to consider when it comes to the fit-out of your clinic:

Meet Your Clients at a Welcoming Reception Area

The reception area should be warm and welcoming as this is often the first impression your patients will have. There should be a comfortable seating area where patients can wait for their treatments to be carried out and this area should be well lit to allow for a smooth experience when filling out any paperwork prior to consultation and treatment. It is crucial for the waiting room to be spacious enough to allow multiple patients at once without compromising their level of comfort. Some clinics opt to have a small built-in shelving unit to display take-home aftercare and beauty products which patients can purchase.

Treatment Room(s)

This is an essential space and need not be overly design-focused as the primary purpose of this room should be to maintain sterile purity and ensure patient comfort during treatment. If the treatment requires removal of clothing, you may wish to include an area with storage space for these items.


You should look to create two separate restroom spaces for patients and staff. You may wish to include private cubicles within these restrooms where patients can change out of clothing if necessary, or freshen up prior to a procedure.

Storage Spaces

To maintain a safe, sterile space for your patients you’ll need to ensure separate storage areas for cosmetic equipment and preparations, cleaning and sanitation products and waste. You will also need to ensure appropriate thermal and humidity conditions for all cosmetic products.

Need advice on finding a functional and good-looking cosmetic clinic design solution?

The team at Chest Commercial Projects can help! We’ve worked with renowned cosmetic clinics like Absolute Cosmetic to provide aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe clinic design solutions.

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