The building industry is a dynamic one. Once a new year rolls around, architects are already thinking about the next big thing in design. Change is evidenced in not only architectural designs but also material used as well as the technologies to be applied.

Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

The industry grows in many ways and you will find some of the trends that have only been talked about to finally become tangible. Here are a few of the trends to consider:

Environmentally Conscious Architecture

People are getting increasingly conscious about the environment. As a result, eco-friendly buildings are popping up everywhere. A few of the innovative ideas that have come up include:

  • Green rooftops and gardens
  • Green walls
  • Indoor green parks

These are not limited to residential buildings only. Even commercial structures have taken to adding eco-friendly details to their structures.

It is becoming the norm to incorporate green living in every aspect of life including architecture. Apart from green parks and green walls, there is the recycling of materials for construction which every environment-conscious homeowner wants to incorporate into their buildings.

Tiny Homes

The minimalists among you find the idea of a tiny home exceedingly appealing. Apart from the rising prices of building as well as the environmental challenges, there is the appeal of having just the bare necessities to live with. The challenges that come with constructing large homes have driven the small designs movement and many are finding them appealing for a variety of reasons.

Tiny living includes micro-apartments, co-housing, tiny houses and multi-general. The appeal has to do with the following characteristics of tiny living:

  • They come with interesting designs
  • They are multifunctional
  • They economize on space
  • They are modern

Many designers have repeatedly come up with small but beautifully designed small houses that have caught the interest of aspiring home owners.

Open-Space Designs

The open-space aspect of architecture has been around for a while. They encourage entertainment as well as socialization while cooking together. However, the modern open-space designs have undergone a few alterations.

Architects have taken to defining different sections of open spaces to allow them to have defined different living and working zones. In addition, they do not want to have huge rooms looking bland and empty.

The experts are using different styles such as:

  • Changing floor levels
  • Furniture groupings
  • Shifting textures and surface colors
  • Incorporating islands in kitchens
  • Lighting for better visual appeal within the space
Solar Roof Tiles

Alternative power is always welcome. Solar roof tiles convert sunlight into energy that is used to run the entire home. They may be cheaper than the glass panels found in the market. They come in different styles including:

  • Asphalt
  • Smooth
  • Slate

They also blend into the roof which makes them more attractive than any other solar panels available at present.


Architecture is moving towards sustainable constructions as well as providing eco-friendly solutions. Additionally, there are new lifestyles coming up with the introduction of tiny living. There is also a possibility that fossil energy may be a thing of the past with solar energy taking over.