A patio is one feature of a home that can really make a residential property in Perth stand out. Whether you want to practice your design ideas or simply improve your outdoor space, patios are the way to go.

But what are the benefits of building a patio in your backyard?

Space for More Enjoyment

Imagine yourself enjoying a backyard barbecue with friends as the kids race each other on the grass on a hot summer day. Isn’t this just the perfect afternoon? A venue where you can just relax, eat and enjoy the day.

A patio is the ideal place for such an activity. It can be designed as per your preference, and it shades you from the sun and rain while allowing you to enjoy your backyard

Low maintenance costs

Contrary to many peoples’ concerns, the cost of maintaining a patio is relatively low, regardless of whether you have it built from natural stone, bricks or concrete.

You are only required to conduct the regular cleaning and sweeping of the floor or the occasional weeding out of weeds that may grow.

Increases the Value of the House

A well-designed and decorated patio attracts clients from miles away and thus boosts the value of the house significantly. A beautiful patio affects how clients perceive the entire house and thus allows you a bargain for better prices. (Should you ever choose to sell)

Also, due to the competition from clients who want to acquire your home, you will end up selling it a much higher price than you bought it.

Design Preference

Building a patio in your backyard gives you the freedom to apply your desired designs, colours and shapes to the house to turn it to your preferred taste.

By doing this, you get to personalise the patio into a relaxation area where you can sit back with the kids, and also unwind after a long day at work.


There are numerous other benefits of building a patio but while it is helpful, always keep in mind that you are outdoors and thus the setup should be weather sensitive.

Nonetheless, building a patio is one great step in not only impressing your guests, but also improving the quality of your lifestyle.

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