Did you know that the environment can influence up to 90% of our health outcomes?

This has naturally caused a strong demand for wellness-focused homes and workspaces, which will heighten even more with the current global health crisis.

It will only be a matter of time before wellness real estate transitions from optional to customary.

Using solar energy is one incredible way to sustain the environment, build healthier properties, and enhance well-being.

Recently, our team of commercial builders here at Chest Constructions had the privilege to work with a well-respected renewable energy solutions company in Joondalup that needed our team’s expertise in commercial construction to fulfill their workspace expansion needs.

The Brief

  • Located in Greenwood, e-Solar is a reputable solar energy systems provider.
  • The client needed a commercial renovation to expand to a larger warehouse and a new showroom to accommodate unprecedented business growth.
  • The client wanted a quality yet affordable design solution to fulfill commercial space expansion needs.
  • The pre-existing commercial remodeling plans were extremely intricate to study and the car park did not comply with council requirements.

Our Solution

  • After applying the necessary revisions, our skilled and experienced team of commercial builders used the basic working drawings to improve the overall quality of the build.
  • We devised a simple and cost-efficient design solution for the warehouse expansion and new showroom construction.
  • We added multiple dividers to the newly-constructed showroom to create mini display suites.
The Results
  • The client was super impressed with the on-point, on-budget, and on-time delivery of the project.
  • Our design solution empowered employees to move between spaces with ease, significantly increasing operational efficiency and productivity.
  • We have also successfully improved the in-store customer experience.

We are super proud of this project and we look forward to bringing more commercial construction projects to life this 2021.

If you would like to build your commercial property or considering a commercial renovation, get in touch.