The debate whether open plan learning spaces improve student outcomes or not continues to date. On one hand, it spurs cooperation as students become more cautious of disrupting other students. Simultaneously, It pushes teachers to maintain a high level of instruction with the presence of other teachers on sight.

On the other hand, there’s lack of evidence whether the physical environment bears an impact on academic learning and teacher practice. Of the 5, 521 articles retrieved from 1960, only 21 articles evaluated the correlation between space and student learning. Some also argue that open plan hampers learning due to noise. According to a 2015 study on open plan classrooms, 50 to 70% of students from four Sydney schools reported that they could not hear their teacher well or at all.

Installing an acoustic ceiling is a design solution prevalent amongst open plan learning spaces to reduce ambient noise and enhance aesthetics. Recently, our team of commercial builders here at Chest Constructions had a great opportunity to upgrade a classroom in a private school with a cost-effective acoustic ceiling. Below are the details:

The Brief

  • A private school wanted to improve the overall appearance of an open plan classroom with an acoustic ceiling.
  • We are the preferred commercial renovation contractors to accomplish the job with our wealth of experience, strong track record and proven skill in building bespoke commercial renovation projects on time, on budget, and on point.

Our Solution

  • We installed an acoustic ceiling with a combination of red, gray, and white colours to cultivate a fun and interesting atmosphere that remains conducive to learning.
The Results
  • We successfully delivered the commercial remodeling project within the agreed timeline, budget, and even exceeded client expectations.
  • The client and staff were super impressed with the final outcome, which have empowered them to facilitate better with dampened noise.
  • As we illuminated the area with our commercial renovation solution, the client was able to save on daytime utility costs.

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