Coming up with an office design can be tricky, especially when it is a shared space between employees. The kind of office design that you use will influence many factors including the productivity as well as the creativity of your staff.

It is therefore essential to be careful when trying to make a decision of the kind of office design that you will use, because once the building is done, it can be difficult to go back on your choices and make changes.

Below are some do’s and don’ts of co-working office fitout space designs that are going to help you decide on a design that is fit for your work space.

Do: Make a budget for your design

The first part is creating a budget and this is going to ensure that you do not spend money that is above your means. A budget helps you to know what your options are, so that you can pick out the best out of what you can afford.

Don’t: Limit your budget excessively

Even though setting a budget is important, you should always remember that a shared workspace will require you to be able to accommodate different types of people. Therefore, it is not advisable to settle on something that might not suit everyone just because it is cheaper.

Do: Create an open plan office design

An open plan office design is the most ideal for a shared workspace. It allows you to maximize on the space you have and makes it easier for your employees to interact, which is the main idea behind co-working.

Don’t: Forget to leave out some private spaces

An open plan office design will not work for every single one of your employees, depending on the role that they play. Therefore, it is a good idea to create closed off cubicles for those that will need some privacy for their work.

In some cases, you may not even need to create a cubicle, as an isolated corner within the office may work just as fine, provided that it is away from any disturbances. In addition, private offices are important for meeting with important clients with whom you would require to talk to in private.

Do: Be creative with the layout, furniture and colour schemes

A fun environment to work in can be used to motivate your employees to come in for work every morning. Therefore, you might want to consider making your office design to look aesthetically pleasing by using creative and inexpensive methods to decorate. This means that you should play around with colors and varieties of furniture pieces.

Don’t: Cram everyone into a tiny space

A co-working environment should be conducive enough to enable everyone to do their jobs comfortably. Getting a small space that is intended to hold a large group of people is not ideal as it will interfere with everyone’s ability to do their job.