Are you satisfied with the fit-out of your boardroom? Do you feel as though it is an asset to your Perth office space?

Although you may spend the majority of your office time at your own desk, it is absolutely essential to pay close attention to your boardroom if you want to ensure productivity and innovation amongst your team and feel assured your clients will walk out of there feeling impressed.

As always, any commercial project starts with a good fit-out. In this post, we will share some tips on the ways you can start combating boredom in your office boardroom design and ensure the space is uplifting and engaging for all who enter.

Focus on what you want to get out of your boardroom

Do you use your conference room to collaborate during team and client meetings? Do you need the space to be inviting, comfortable and conducive to a creative atmosphere?

The first step in making a successful boardroom design is to understand the needs of your business, the needs of your staff when they are in the space and the needs of your clients. In other words – you’ll need to narrow down a purpose for your space and work backwards from there.

Lighting is everything

Too bright and you risk inducing headaches and discomfort. Too dim and you’re on the slippery slope toward losing the engagement of those around you.

It’s important to ensure your boardroom fit-out offers a good balance of natural and artificial light sources. Here in Perth, we’re blessed with plenty of sunny months – so it’s great to be able to capitalise on the natural warmth and brightness these times bring. However, you also need to have good lighting installed to supplement the sun’s rays.

Overhead lighting is ideal, and you should consider installing a dimmer switch to control the brightness. Try to find lights that aren’t overly cool as these are known to induce eyestrain and headaches after a period of time.

Comfort is key

More often than not, you find yourself sitting down in the boardroom. So make sure you don’t skimp on furniture – especially your chairs. Invest in good lumbar support and check that your chairs are soft enough for comfort no matter how long you spend in them. They should be height adjustable so that all your guests can fit comfortably.

Technology is your friend

Take some time to check that your technology is automated correctly. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting valuable time tinkering with an HDMI input and your clients will be impressed when they see how technologically capable you are.

Other things to consider are automated blinds or shutters, a good quality sound system and phone or video conferencing set up in a way that is easily accessible to all.

Keep your guests happy

It’s hard not to enjoy a meeting when you are supplied with tea, coffee, water and even a few snacks. Your boardroom should include a water cooler, coffee machine and perhaps even a bowl of sweet or savoury snacks to keep your guests smiling.

Minimise distraction

Your boardroom could be top-notch, but if you’re constantly overwhelmed by distractions then it can put a serious damper on your experiences in that space. The boardroom should not be near the main entrance or lobby. Windows coverings should let in the natural light but block out any outside happenings and the space should be soundproof, or, at the very least, away from noisy areas in the office.

Need advice on how to get a fit-out solution that works for you?

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