If you are in any way involved in commercial construction, then you need to be on the lookout for some of the predictable trends that the year 2018 is likely to bring in the construction industry.

As a commercial construction company, we know the importance of paying attention to these possible trends. As such, we have come up with this blog post to highlight some of the most evident commercial construction trends that are worth keeping an eye on this year (2018).

Renewed Interest in Offsite Construction

There seems to be a re-energised interest in offsite construction. Going by the recent trends, builders in commercial construction should expect a growth in prefab and modular constructions.

According to our predictions, many clients will be attracted to offsite construction because, aside from offering a working environment that is convenient to work in, this type of construction also narrows down on some of the building hazards that have previously been experienced at construction sites.

Continued Modifications and Modernisation of Existing Facilities

As a leading company in commercial construction, we have noted with keen interest that clients, who are now hiring our services to maintain their already existing facilities, are opting for a long-term business partnership with us. This is in the interest of continually upgrading and modifying their current facilities to match the market expectations.

For commercial construction companies, this trend will be a great opportunity to showcase their facility management skills and capabilities. Our company has the expertise to continuously accomplish all the necessary upgrades ideal for a facility to retain an elegant and modern look at all times.

Many Shopping Malls Are Likely To Need a Re-Design

For many years, shopping centres and malls have been operating on a narrow scope. Things are about to change this year. Commercial construction companies should expect an increase in the number of clients requesting them to re-design their mall space in order to incorporate many services such as; medical points within the malls, a gym and sports centres, counselling rooms and the like in order to accommodate all the purposes as currently required.

More Focus on Sustainability

Currently, nearly all commercial constructions have a sustainable element in them. Some make use of net-zero building while others embrace one or two green components.

In 2018, this trend has chances of taking an upper lead. In regard to green components, there already are major timber constructions that have been completed and plans to have more put up are underway. These sustainable options can go a long way in providing commercial constructions that are not only environmental friendly and affordable but also safe from natural disasters.

Continued Growth of Robot Technology

Although their entrance into commercial construction has been somewhat reserved, robots are beginning to cause a stir. Currently, researchers have already created a robot that can make a 3D printout of a commercial building design. Commercial construction companies should be on the lookout for many more benefits that can be accrued from the use of this and other emerging technologies.

An Increase in Construction Spending

According to our predictions, it is likely that there will be an increase in commercial construction spending. 2018 would see a possible increase by up to around 5% and this figure could escalate to around 13% through 2019-2021.

Commercial construction companies need to stay updated on the possible trends in the industry in order to continually and effectively meet the client’s expectations.

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