Chest Constructions Blog Header - Constructing the Modern Office 2023 Mid-Year Trends in the Construction Industry (1)

As we advance through 2023, the momentum of office construction remains unabated. The continuous progress presents a fantastic opportunity for those considering renovating their office spaces.

Here are a few trends in the construction industry that gained prominence this year that you can draw inspiration from to create a vibrant and dynamic workplace for your business.

Green Initiatives in Office Construction

Buildings account for around 19% of total energy use and 18% of direct carbon emissions in Australia

The increased awareness of climate change has resulted in a rise in sustainable practices in office construction. In fact, more offices are choosing prefabrication and modular construction for their projects, leading to significant waste and energy savings. 

Additionally, as part of the green building initiative, more innovative and sustainable construction materials are being used. Engineered wood, bamboo, and even natural bricks made from fungus are examples of such materials. 

Fortunately, commercial office spaces in Australia are earning more and more green certifications from groups like the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA). This places Australia at the leading edge of sustainability on the global commercial property stage. 

Adding to this achievement, Australia and New Zealand have consistently ranked higher than other regions for eight years running in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). They boast an impressive score of 76, which is well above the global average of 68.

Embracing Technological Innovations and AI

AI now plays a pivotal role in workspace design, not only capable of analysing workspace usage data but also offering improvement suggestions. 

An example of this is Autodesk Dreamcatcher, an AI-powered tool that generates optimised designs based on user-defined constraints and goals. This sophisticated tool can be used to create complex geometries and lightweight structures, making it particularly useful for office construction design. 

Consequently, investing in such AI-powered design solutions can significantly optimise office spaces and enhance employee productivity.

Promoting Community and Collaboration through Open Space Design

Centralised, open-concept conference spaces are now being prioritised, inviting open discussions and brainstorming sessions. 

Besides encouraging teamwork, open floor plans are also cost-efficient, reducing the need for extensive construction and installation.

In Australia, open-plan offices have surged in popularity, with an estimated 9 out of 10 offices adopting this layout. Alongside this trend, Activity-Based Working (ABW) environments, which meld the open office design with other features, are gaining traction, especially within regions and sectors like the tech industry.

Human-Centric Office Design

Human-centric offices prioritise the needs, comfort, and health of the employees. Adapting to individual preferences, including offering standing desks, use of technology,  personal headphones, or seating options like yoga balls, can make the workplace more adaptable and welcoming. This approach can foster greater job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty among employees.

The rise of human-centric designs can be attributed to the evolving demographics of the modern workforce. By 2025, Millennials, who were born between 1980 and 2000, are expected to constitute 75% of the global workforce. On the other hand, Generation Z, the cohort born post-2000, began making their mark in professional domains from 2018 onwards. This demographic shift necessitates a re-evaluation by employers of their workplace configurations to resonate with the evolving preferences, values, and perspectives of these generations. 

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