In construction, estimating accurate costs is very important because it saves you from spending money unnecessarily and also ensures that you attain maximum profits from the project. Every construction project comes with its own costs and needs. With every construction project that you undertake, expect some pitfalls here and there, some of which could cost you quite a sizeable amount of money. While a construction management software helps in reducing many of the pitfalls, it is not enough and you need to look deeper into all the areas in your project that could do with some improvements.

Construction managers run the projects and we are aware that they need all the help they need in order to run their work smoothly. Below, we have listed some of the most important construction estimating tips to help you as a construction manager avoid some of the most common mistakes that would affect your project.

Make a good set of plans with your client

If you have a client whose idea of the expected end product is completely different from yours, then that may lead to a disaster. To avoid this, make sure that you and the client sit down together and come up with a detailed plan of the project. The plan must be actual and not a drawing. Make a clear outline and design of every pace of the project and have your client sign the plan agreement.

Failure to do this will lead to a repeat of the project which means spending more money. The cost may be on your side and not on the client’s side.

Use an accurate and fast option of estimating costs

Conventional methods may take a long time to complete estimates because they will require you to list every aspect of the job and then cost each one of them. Remember you have contractors, materials, permits, labor, overheads and many others. If you are on a deadline, doing all these estimates using a conventional method like stick estimates may take a long time and bring some conflict between you and the customer if the work is not completed on time.

You can avoid this by using modern methods like unit cost estimating. It is fast and accurate and you get to complete your project within the time frame the customer gave you. Unit cost estimating allows you to put together all the items for the project, give a unit cost for every item, and give the totals which are then counter checked by someone else. After you are done, you quote your markup and wait for a quote from your client.

Seek Help

Do not assume you know it all. You may need the help from other people involved in the project too. Get estimates from independent parties like plumbers, electricians, painters and others. By doing this, you will avoid unnecessary costs that you may overlook if you are doing it alone.

Good construction software is necessary

Even though you may have tools to help you with the project, many of them may be outdated. You need to go with the current trends and get the fastest and most accurate tools to help you. Good construction estimating software will help you do your estimates faster, there are several construction estimate software in the market so carry out a thorough research before deciding on which one to go with.