One of the major industries experiencing development and growth in the market today is the construction industry. Many of these industries are looking forward to new technology in the coming year and trends in 2019. Manufacturers from all over the world are working hard to meet these expectations.

These changes will of course influence the construction industry and the ever-changing needs and demands. We at Chest Constructions are evolving with technology and our tools and processes always meet the demands of the ever-growing construction industry.

5 Construction Industry Trends to Look Out For

Advance of technology integration and advancement

Though the construction industry is not very big on technology advancement, it is slowly catching up to one of the trendiest markets in the world. Many industries are using technology today to advance their production processes and sales. These are project management, scheduling, time management and many others.

To make work easier, the industry is now using construction software that assist in better management. With more programs coming up, this will only get better in 2019, taking the industry into higher levels.

Another technology trend the construction is adapting is the use of drones. In 2019, we will see more contractors integrating drones into their advancements to get better aerial pictures of their projects.

Going Green

Green designs have lately taken over from the tradition construction designs. Construction projects from all over the world are expected to carry on with this trend in 2019 and many years to come. What the construction industry hopes to accomplish, is to come up with even better ways to conserve energy through air-quality, water usage, recycling and using more eco-friendly building materials.

Building More Modular Homes

Modular homes are currently trending and more of these will definitely come up in 2019. The homes come in handy when you want to move your home to a new location. Contractors are now making homes on a semi in case you want to relocate to another city. This saves you from building a new home once you move to a new place. It is also another way of growing residential areas especially in the remote areas.


The construction industry is one of the most expensive industries to kick off the ground. Many financial institutions are sometimes not willing to take the risks that come with construction. Though in the past, they were more receptive, things have slightly changed nowadays. However, now the industry has hope in keeping up with the trends by getting financial approvals from private-public partnerships ( P3s). Projects that would otherwise have stalled will now go on without many hitches.

Skilled labour

Skilled labour shortages in the construction industry are profound. Finding people that will work as is expected of them is challenging. What many people in the construction industry are doing now to take care of the skilled labour shortage, is training the existing staff and turning them into experts.