There’s a world of possibilities for a warehouse fit out Perth project for your office – it can be an invitation to creating your most productive business space yet! With emerging fit out trends that have:

  • Inventive use of vertical space,
  • Trendy open or closed floor plans, and;
  • With eco-friendly solutions, businesses can look forward to more thriving office environments that boost work morale.

Large warehouse spaces may look daunting from a design viewpoint, but this can be addressed with resourceful build tips that can maximise space without going over budget.

Meeting Council Regulations

Initial work on a warehouse fitout will not happen without first meeting your local council requirements. You’ll also need permission from a landlord before doing any alteration in your building.

Make sure your total floor space meets council regulations for minimum car space requirements. A landlord will only allow any alteration if development designs go well with the current building aesthetic.

Undertaking a big project will require an expert fitout company to help you realise your project and meet the legal council and landlord requirements.

Things to Consider Before Designing Your Warehouse Fitout


Planning an efficient fitout depends on a prime location that should accommodate not only your budget but clients who visit your office.

Making Use of Existing Floor Space

Consider adding mezzanines to make new private offices and boardrooms within your building. This modern design adds additional rooms without compromising floor space.

Minimising Business Disruptions

Inform clients and staff about your planned fitout. Work around your business hours to finish your building schedule.

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