Dental fitouts Perth requires special attention. The outstanding interior design here will create a streamlined practice with the right blend of professionalism and comfort. Patients need to feel, as far as possible, at their ease as they walk through the doors.

Patients need a comfortable waiting area. Unfortunately, when space is at a premium, dentists have to make some tough choices. They need space for themselves and their equipment as well. They must also cater to their staff and adhere to health regulations.

Fortunately, modern design innovations have made it easy to maximise the use of space. In this post, we’ll look at tips for your next dental fitout.

Dental Fitout Tips

What makes dental practice from good to great? Start with these tips, and you’ll find out.

Make it Light and Airy

High ceilings, lots of windows, and skylight can bring the sun streaming in. Light and bright office can help to chase the blues away.

To improve privacy, consider installing dual-layer blinds or glazing so as not to block too much light.

Choose the Right Colour

Colour has a significant effect on our psyches. Lighter shades make space seem more open. Darker shades make the area appear stifling.

For a dentist’s office, it’s best to stick to generic colours. Red, for example, causes excitement, and so is not ideal for surgery. A calming blue, green, grey or even beige is an alternative to stark white.

Hit the Floor

The floor can be a little darker so that dirt shows up less. The surface should be easy to clean and durable. You’ll get a lot of foot traffic here.

Multipurpose Furniture

Look for multipurpose furniture to maximise the use of space. A seating bench with built-in storage is an excellent example of what we’re talking about here.

Ask Us a Question About Your Perth Dental Clinic Fitout

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