Setting up a shop requires strategy and a little bit of science to maximise sales per square foot and give your customers the ultimate shopping experience. If you’re new to setting up your retail shop, you may need a ton of research and application to know the importance of a store layout. Below is a simple guide to coming up with your most important commercial fit out project yet.

Different Types of Retail Store Layout

Grid Store Layout

This shop floor plan is one most frequently used by grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores. Customers also get the benefit of being familiar with the design. If you want to maximise product display, this is the layout most suited for you.

Herringbone Layout

This shop floor plan is preferable if your space is narrow and you have a wealth of products. However, customers may have the feeling of being confined, and you’re prone to theft because of limited visibility.

Loop or Racetrack Layout

This layout creates maximum product exposure but can create a waste of space. As this design has a predictable traffic flow, retailers can create a fascinating experience for customers if the design is well executed. Otherwise, it can confuse and disorient customers.

Free-flow Layout

This design is the simplest layout, and usually used by high-end shops. It also contradicts the previous layouts mentioned. There is no traffic pattern and customers are welcome to breeze through the store and browse freely. A free-flow layout works well with small stores but when there are more products, customers won’t know where one department ends or begins.

If you’re planning a fit out, there’s no need to stress yourself over which shop layout works best. Professionals can take the guesswork out of any office improvement project.

About Chest Constructions

With 20 plus years of experience and numerous case studies in its portfolio, Chest Constructions is an authority on shop fit outs. The company is well-versed in layout designs for retail outlets, offices, warehouse infrastructure, medical and dental fit outs, including corporate industrial buildings.

If you want to get the most out of your sales, make sure your designs are functional and cost-effective. Chest Constructions can customise fit outs regardless of business size and capacity, so you can be confident your shop makeover will be done on time and within budget.