Many of us can confidently say that we spend a great portion of our time in our office space. Whether you are working in a commercial or medical centre, or your home or corporate office – it is important to ensure you are bringing good energy into your space to ensure productivity, clarity and peace of mind.

In this post, we discuss the importance of achieving good Feng Shui in your working space and provide some tips around how you can make the most out of your office fit-out in Perth.

Understanding the way of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese principle based around energy and attraction, ultimately aiming to harmonise us with our surrounding environment. Thus creating a space that sparks certain emotions, patterns of behaviour and thinking styles!

So, where should you start your journey to achieving good office Feng Shui?

Work with a Professional Fit-out Company

A large part of achieving good Feng Shui in any space is to pay attention to the layout of the room itself, as well as the location of all the furnishings. This is crucial in ensuring a good flow of energy through your space and will help you get in the right mindset to achieve your professional goals. For example, the ‘commanding position’ is used in Feng Shui to locate important pieces of furniture, such as your office desk or boardroom table.

Here at Chest Commercial Projects we provide high-quality, tailored fit-outs to cater directly to your needs and preferences and we will work alongside you to ensure the space is suitable.

Pay Attention To Where You Are Sitting

Good Feng Shui requires your desk to face the door. This puts you in a power position and will greatly influence your success. Ideally, your back should be to a wall – but not to a bookcase, window or any other furniture item.

You should also pay attention to and face your lucky Feng Shui directions when sitting at your desk.

If you work in a creative field – a white desk will help to stimulate your creativity.

Use Art To Create Strong Energies

One or two carefully chosen pieces of art can make a real difference to the energy in a space. It can be anything you feel personally connected to or something that resonates with a goal you are trying to achieve in your day to day work life.

Purify With Plants

Not only do they make a beautiful desk accessory, but plants are also great air purifiers and will boost the mood and energy in any space where it is lacking.

Capitalise On Your Colour Scheme

Colours are known to play a huge role in our emotional wellbeing and general everyday moods. The colours you choose for your office space will be conducive to your field and individual needs.

However, as a general rule of thumb, earthy tones help to reduce stress and are a safe option for almost any space. Blacks, on the other hand, are associated with success and money.

Ask Us a Question About Your Perth Specialised Office Fitout

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