When done right, it is estimated that restaurant renovations can increase sales by approximately 7% – 20%. Chest Constructions is a leading commercial fit-out company in Perth that specialises in functional and cost-effective design and construction. Our building contractors have the experience to provide you with creative concepts, skilled workmanship, and quality services to complete your renovation project with minimal disruption.

Complete Guidelines on Restaurant Renovation

Draw up a Plan of Action

Plan how to enhance your brand image in advance. Your end goal should be an unparalleled ambiance that will provide your customers with an unforgettable dining experience.

Consider the Latest Trends in the Dining Industry

Do your research on restaurant key design trends and what other restaurants are doing to attract more customers. These trending tips include modern interior layouts and the latest colour choices in upholstery and walls. Get feedback from loyal diners and include their preferences in your plans. Trends keep changing so you will have to keep up with the latest décor themes and revamp to match your target audience.

Know Your Target Audience

It is essential to plan your renovations based on your target audience. For example, if your restaurant caters to families you will want to choose a more casual interior. Young professionals and students are known to go for a contemporary, savvy look whereas more distinguished diners prefer a sophisticated atmosphere with more luxurious surroundings.

Determine a Budget

The scope of your renovations will determine the budget needed. Stick to a budget that matches your renovation plans and put aside a buffer amount in case you overstep your budget. Bear in mind that a major overhaul will require the restaurant to be closed for a long period of time during which time revenue will be lost. Work with a professional, well-rated local contractor to help you determine the actual costs of renovating your dining space. If a renovated kitchen will help to improve food quality, include it when planning your budget.

Prioritise Key Issues in Your Plan

If your budget does not allow you to bring your complete vision to life, make a list of the issues essential to restaurant functioning that will need to be tackled first such as repairs and safety issues. Once these priorities have been taken care of you can move on to layout changes that will improve

The aesthetics of the space. Check the efficiency of all segments and concentrate on remodelling areas that are more in demand first. For example, if you have an in-house bar that is frequented more often than the dining area, focus more on that area first.

Use Your Renovation for Marketing Purposes

The main goal of the renovation is to increase sales. Make use of advertising and social platforms to intrigue patrons by sharing certain aspects of your new look.

Hire the Best Company for the Job

Hire the best professionals to complete the job. Factors to consider include demolition and construction, wiring, ventilation systems, air conditioning, painting, furniture fitment, appliances, etc.

Chest Constructions, renovation builders in Perth, will assist you with your commercial renovation project every step of the way – from initial design to final completion at a guaranteed time and affordable cost.