You can use office fitout to create a good first impression and develop your brand image. It can also help increase your employee productivity and satisfaction. However, it is not easy to know how long an office fit out will take. In fact, it is impossible to predict a specific set time for completing office fitout.

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Here are the factors that determine the duration of office fit out:

1. Condition of Your Property

It is easier and faster to fit out an empty office. However, if the office requires demolition and stripping, it can take longer to fit out the office. If your business premise is vacant, then the office fit out will take less time.

2. Size Of The Office Fit Out

It takes a few days to complete a small office. However, if your project costs around $20,000, it is more likely to take 2 weeks to complete it. The most expensive projects take longer to complete. However, this does depend on other factors and the above are general estimates from the previous works done.

3. Approval

In some cases, the local government or your landlord may need to approve your fit-out, especially if you want to use the fit-out to change the building’s exterior. In some cases, it can take several months for the local government to plan and approve your planning applications.

4. Budget

In order to plan your finances, you must balance the cost of available office space with the cost of fit out. Re-applying for finance or revisiting the Capital Expense procedure can be avoided by ensuring that financial arrangements are right. Planning your finances will avoid delays in completing the office fit out.

5. Supplies

You may need to use certain materials and furniture. If you are buying them overseas, it can take more time to transport them. Therefore, it will take you several weeks to complete the office fit out.

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These are some of the factors that determine how long office fit out takes. It is always imperative to hire professionals to do your office out. Therefore, if you are looking for a commercial builder to do office fit out in Perth, Western Australia, contact Chest Constructions.