Boosting your staff productivity in your clinic can improve engagement, increase your revenue, improve your customer service and build a positive culture. If your staff feel productive, they can gain a sense of purpose. Boosting staff productivity starts with the design of your medical fitout.

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Here are the factors that boost productivity through medical fit-out:

1. Colour Matters

  • A lot of people use different colours and decorative elements to fit out a clinic. It is, therefore, vital to choose visually appealing colours and patterns for your clinic.
  • Additionally, pick minimalistic and cohesive colours to help your staff focus on their work. Do not use clashing styles or too much clutter.

2. Spatial Balance

  • The way you balance your space can dictate the overall flow of your clinic. If your rooms flow naturally, they can calm your patients and staff. In fact, they can draw attention to the right places.
  • Balance can, therefore, boost staff productivity of your clinic.
  • Symmetry directs attention to the focal point of the room and provides functional clues.
  • Asymmetry humanises the spaces and gives visual depth. So, it can incite a cosy and warm feeling in your clinic.

3. Bright and Airy

  • Brighter walls can keep the interiors of your clinic well lit and reduce your energy consumption. In addition, bright walls are visually pleasing and can help your staff maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.
  • If your staff can maintain their circadian rhythm, they can get enough sleep every night. Therefore, they will wake up full of energy. They can work for longer hours without getting tired or feeling sleepy.

4. Child-Friendly Area

  • If children come to your clinic, you can use medical fit-outs to create a child-friendly space. If the children get bored in your clinic, they can cause commotions in your waiting room.
  • Therefore, you need something to keep the children busy as they wait for their appointment. For instance, you can place colouring in sheets in a dedicated space.
  • If your staff does not have to monitor children, they can focus more on their work.
5. Privacy
  • Privacy is essential in a clinic. So, you need to have separate rooms in your clinic. You can put your important documents and records in one specific room.
  • You can see your patients in small cubicles or spaces. If you can optimise your space, you can improve your staff productivity. In fact, you can make more rooms for your patients in your clinic.

Once you decide to use medical fit-outs to boost your staff productivity in your clinic, you can now hire a commercial builder to do medical fit-outs. Looking for a commercial builder to do a medical fitout in Perth, Western Australia? Or feeling overwhelmed? Give us a call today at Chest Constructions.