According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 78% of Australians are still wearing face masks this May. But because of the sudden surge of cases as reported recently, healthcare professionals are now pushing for another mask mandate for people to wear masks at supermarkets, theatres, concerts and football stadiums

With the overwhelming impact of COVID-19 on the country’s healthcare systems, there is an increasing need to improve the patient experience by supporting both emotional and physical well-being by harnessing spaces that focus on patient recovery, while also creating a healthier environment for health clinic staff.

Here are the recommended designs to make your healthcare office space wellness-centric:

Comfort is key

● Incorporate clinic furniture that offers choice and flexibility.

● Use cosy lounge sofas as opposed to the traditional rows of waiting chairs.

● There can be lots of chatter within waiting rooms, so it’s important to consider materials that absorb sounds including acoustic panels and rubber flooring.

Open and tranquil environment

● Bring down the stuffy walls in your healthcare office and use window walls instead to allow natural light to come in.

● Make use of natural finish and colours to stimulate a calm, relaxed environment. According to the Center for Health Design, neutral palettes with soft natural tones work best for patient rooms and can have a hand in calming patients and their family members. While white is the traditional choice, it helps to create a contrast with colours such as blue or green on the walls. Choose saturated colours over pastels, which can cause blurry vision for medical clinic patients with poor eyesight.

● Utilise passive chilled beams over air ventilation systems for high energy efficiency and low running costs. These also operate quietly to alleviate anxiety and tension for both healthcare staff and patients.

Surrounded by nature

● Our internal research shows that patients whose windows overlook a scene of nature get released from a hospital almost 10% faster.

● Our internal research shows that patients whose windows overlook a scene of nature get released from a hospital almost 10% faster.d in health centers to give patients an abundance of natural light, refreshing breezes, and tranquil views, so they can feel like being nestled inside a natural rainforest while waiting for their clinic appointments.

● Feature interior gardens or fish ponds to develop an organic and calming atmosphere within the healthcare office spaces.

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