For many business owners, the idea of undertaking office renovations is far more attractive than giving up a lease and potentially suffering financial penalties associated with breaking that lease in order to seek out new office space. It can also be the perfect opportunity to reinvent that office space so that it perfectly matches the unique style and requirement of a business.

Whilst major office renovations can be incredibly exciting, they can also lead to sleepless nights and potentially damaging financial consequences without proper planning.

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1. Proper Scheduling and Planning Ahead.

Agree on a timeline with the contractor. That should ideally have milestones to prevent disruption and ensure that everything is on track for completion. Ensure that the project manager keeps you in the loop.

In the highly competitive business environment of the 21st century with its just-in-time mentality, a business cannot afford downtime or missed deadlines. Planning ahead is essential. A business simply cannot afford excessive downtime. Renovations will be disruptive but suspending operations completely due to unforeseen or bad project management can have devastating consequences.

2. Contingency Planning.

Things can go wrong and in complex projects, they almost inevitably will. Have a contingency plan. Build-in some wriggle room (a contingency budget is a good idea) to deal with challenges that may occur (delays in the delivery of office furniture, structural damage or delays caused by inclement weather are some examples). Have a backup plan like access to temporary business premises (with the right equipment).

3. Staffing Challenges.

Even if the renovations go smoothly there will come a time when staff may have to be redeployed. Ensure that the process is well planned. If it is possible, allow them to work from home but take into account they may need office equipment so make sure that is delivered. Ensure that communication systems can be used remotely and that staff will have access to tools such as databases to ensure the continued smooth running of the business. An alternative is to house staff in parts of the building that will suffer minimal disruption while the renovations take place.

These are a few of the considerations that should be taken into account when planning any business renovation. However, there is another that is essential to the success of the project.

Ensure that the office renovation contractor that you are using in Perth, Western Australia has the experience and skills that will allow them to complete the project on time, on budget, and on point.