The kitchen is the heart of the home. As residential builders in Perth, we understand the importance of a well-designed kitchen as well as the materials being used.

The benchtop is a crucial feature that plays a significant role in determining the kitchen’s overall aesthetics. With many different materials available for benchtops, selecting the right design or material can be tricky & a little confusing.

According to your cooking habits, the benchtops should be heat resistant, durable, elegant and easy to maintain. In this article, we will share a list of the best material options for kitchen benchtops.

1. Engineered Stone Benchtops

Made out of quartz and resins, engineered benchtops is designed for people seeking something simple and easy to clean.

This material comes in an array or colours ranging from bright whites to dark grays. It is also resistant to heat, stains, acids and even scratches thus ensuring your benchtop is spotless clean. There are also many brands and styles to choose from, giving you the freedom to choose whatever suits your kitchen.

Minimal maintenance is required for engineered stone thus making it perfect for hanging out without worrying for the constant need for upkeep.

2. Laminate Benchtops

If you are on a tight budget, and you need a classy yet easy to maintain benchtop, then laminated is for you. Crafted using paper bonded to moisture density fibreboard, this material is resistant to water, and stains but can easily be scratched.

It is also very versatile and can take on any design and shape for your kitchen. It’s wide array of colours allows it to be mimic the design of other materials.Therefore, even on a low budget, you can easily design you’re benchtop to the desired choice using laminate.

3. Porcelain Benchtops

This is a relatively new material on the market, mainly made out of clay, quartz and silica. It’s tendency to withstand high temperatures and resist stains and scratches has earned it its popularity.

Porcelain is lightweight and can be used in direct sunlight thus efficient for outdoors activities. They can mimic natural stone due to their printings and hence, more beauty for your kitchen.

4. Timber Benchtops

Timber is a relatively cheap option for families on tight budgets. It offers a stylish look for your kitchen and even complements your entire design at large.

It is relatively easy to clean and maintain since it only requires oiling and refinishing after some time. Depending on your preference, timber offers a variety of colours and designs to give an authentic modern look.

It is, however, more sensitive to scratches, moisture and heat and thus, you should be cautious what you do on the benchtops. Choosing hardwood benchtops will also come in handy.