As office fitouts experts, we understand that creating an ambience that encourages productivity in an office is of utmost importance. A small office space can feel crowded if not utilised properly. Since a larger space is not always an affordable option, you have to identify ways to maximise your small office space.

Fortunately, it is possible to make your office space appear larger without undertaking expensive remodelling. Here are a few ideas on how you can make maximum use of a small office space:

1. Use Lighting to Your Advantage

A well lit room has a great effect on the occupants and workers inside. Without enough lighting, you may notice a dull or low energy working environment. A brighter room lifts the spirits of the employees putting them in a better frame of mind. This will have a huge effect on employee production.

You can take care of the lighting issue by adding more windows and ensuring that windows have no obstructions. Natural light is great for raising alertness and the levels of productivity.

2. Get Rid of Heavy Furniture

Oversized and heavy furniture takes up a lot of room thus making a small room appear even smaller. In addition, avoid dark-coloured furniture. No light bounces off a black cabinet. Large furniture with dark hues also trick yours eyes into seeing the room as being smaller than it actually is.

Go for lighter furniture with brighter shades that are made from lighter materials. In any case, with all your documents stored in the form of software, there is no longer any need for large desks and filing cabinets for storing office documents. Safety tip – To ensure you never lose any important information, save your documents on the cloud.

3. Flexible Spaces

Folders and dividers can help you create extra space that is adaptable as the need arises. You can simply move the design elements around depending on what function you need the space for. You can create private cubicles for employees and then change the space when you want to hold a staff or conference meeting.

Also, ensure that the office furniture you opt for is movable or collapsible. This will make it possible for you to use the same furniture for other functions. For instance, you can purchase the desk on wheels. This desk is easy to push around for when you need to hold a quick meeting. Once the meeting is over, desks can easily be re-positioned and moved back to their spots.

4. Create Several Zones in the Office

Privacy is important in the workplace. In an office where both individual and collaborative projects are expected, you can have the two aspects separated. The employees have their individual zones which are enough to store a desk, chair and their work computer or laptop.

Then, you can create a larger zone for the group projects. This way, you have created an atmosphere that has just the right mix of privacy and collaboration.

5. Work Well with the Open Spaces

Open spaces can be turned into lounges. Hallways can be turned into coffee zones or meeting areas. This encourages interactions between staff especially when they are on their breaks. Having furniture that can be moved around quickly helps so that you can create needed space instantly. You can also have a wall or two whitewashed for presentation purposes.

What you need is a great atmosphere for the employees to be creative. This can only happen when they are in a space that is comfortable and has the right ambience.