Most offices are set up such that the reception area is the first thing clients and other visitors see. They will form their first impression of your company right away from your reception design. It is therefore imperative that you have a design that impresses your clients and customers.

The Seven-Second Window

Expert opinion states that it takes as little as seven seconds for people to form an opinion of your company from the front office area. If your reception is less than impressive, you may need to rethink your design.

The following tips will help you come up with an excellent design that will impress your clients.

1. Make it Welcoming and Comfortable

Your clients will be at ease if they are comfortable. Comfortable furniture such as deep leather chairs will work best here.

2. Number of Staff Working the Reception

If you only need one receptionist to serve several visitors, a curved reception desk is fine. However, if your company requires multiple receptionists, then the best option is a long desk where the receptionists sit in a straight line.

3. Visitors

Consider the type and number you are likely to have every day. If your business attracts whole families, coaches that sit three are appropriate. Separate chairs are the best option for a business that attracts mostly business executives.

4. The Reception Door

To enhance security, consider installing an unlocking mechanism that the receptionist can easily access. Then they will not have to keep going back and forth to lock and unlock the door which would be attractive to nefarious characters that may plan to gain access to your business.

5. Refreshment Area

If your reception area offers refreshment, ensure that the receptionist does not have to leave the area unattended to get drinks every time a visitor walks in. You could have a refreshment station close by with the necessary utensils for use.

6. Space for Signing in and Out

Your visitors should be able to sign in and out without much ado. The area should be designed with a sign in/out station clearly identified so that your visitors and clients can find it easily.

7. Disabled Access

Your company should be all-inclusive. Apart from wheelchairs being able to access your reception area, you should also consider the height of the desk. This ensures that someone sitting in a wheelchair is also served with the dignity they deserve.

8. Deliveries

Consider the kinds of deliveries you take in the reception area and have a designated spot for them.

9. Prestigious and a Touch of Glamour

Those who run companies that sell luxury brands know the importance of having a reception area that is equal to the brand. The customers that frequent these companies are big spenders already used to the glamorous life. The reception area should promise them the red carpet treatment.

10. Creatively Eclectic

People appreciate the personal touch. Thus, if you have an eclectic sense of style, you can incorporate that in your reception area. This side of you can be brought out through the art you choose to display or a unique selection of furniture.


A beautifully and professionally designed reception says everything about your company. Clients know right from the door what to expect from you. It is your duty to ensure that they know they are in the right place or they simply turn around and walk back out.