Whenever considering a new build, floor plans play a crucial role in any home or office renovation. If you’ve reached the design phase, then there are high chances that you’re weighing on the benefits of closed and open floor plans.

However, there is no wrong or right answer on which of the two is better. Since both floor plans have their own advantages it all boils down to your preference. Therefore, you need to choose one that suits you and your lifestyle.

What’s the difference?

A closed floor plan features a more traditional layout in that there are separate rooms for cooking, eating and relaxing. It produces private enclosed areas. On the other hand, an open floor plan features one large room that creates a single living space. It opens up an area thus creating a modern feel where one room flows into the next. A good example of an open floor plan is a room that includes multiple activities.

Open Floor Plan

How to choose between an open and closed floor plan

We understand that it can be difficult deciding what kind of floor plan you want to go with. Therefore, below are a few differences between closed and open floor plans to help you make a more informed decision.


Where matters of privacy are concerned, a closed floor plan is the ideal choice because an open floor plan has limits that the other doesn’t. If your home or office doesn’t have separate rooms or doors then it can be challenging to carry out certain tasks without other people seeing you. Keep in mind that doors and walls offer more sound proofing for your home thus providing a greater sense of privacy as well.

Resale Value

When it comes to resale, open floor plans may have an advantage depending on the market, architectural style of your office and location. Many people prefer the concept of an open floor plan which has seen an increase in popularity in the last several years. For this reason, people are willing to pay more for a home with an open floor plan as opposed to one with a closed floor plan. According to statistics, over 70% of home buyers request for properties with open floor plans thus making them more saleable.


Where space is concerned, open floor plans have many advantages as opposed to closed ones. Since it doesn’t have walls to break up the flow of the room, it permits people to move around easier thus making them ideal for socialising and accessibility. For parents who have small children, open floor plans are ideal because they offer a better line of sight and since there are no walls the children cannot hide. Even though closed floor plans visually chop up your home making areas feel smaller, they can make rooms feel warmer.


Both closed and open floor plans have their individual benefits, the decision between the two now depends on what you value the most, privacy or space. At Chest Construction, we offer flexible plans that can be modified to suit you, whether you go with a closed or open floor plan. Contact us today to get started.