The front entrance of your home is the first impression your guests see when they arrive. Do you want to make them curious to want to proceed inside your house? Of course, every homeowner would want a lively and serene entryway made easy for both residents and guests to get in.

Sometimes, however, your front entrance could be unappealing. If that’s the feeling you get when you approach your front entrance, then you need to start considering affordable remodeling ideas. There are many remodeling options you can choose to improve your front entry appearance as seen below.

The Front Door

You can choose various ideas to improve the appearance of your front door. If you have a dark colored front door, for instance, you can opt for brighter colors such as white, orange, or even red. Brighter colors are warmer and will make your home more inviting.

Consider applying contrasting colors on your door frames for more sophistication. Unique accessories on your door can transform the aesthetic value of your home. Choose modern hardware and new door knobs to match.

A door knocker and metal kick plate will give your front door a polished and shiny appearance. Rather than having the door occupy the entire section of the wall, you can include sidelight windows beside your door that open the front entrance or install an ornamental window above the door.


Lighting can give your home a magical appearance. Building experts say that lighting is a crucial feature in a home and is among the most considered features by homeowners. Invest in good lighting for your front entrance and match your lighting fixtures with the colour scheme in your home. Lighting will not only brighten your home but also ensure that your guests can walk safely at night.

Add a Porch

Potential home buyers want an ideal space where they can relax on a hot afternoon as they catch up with friends and family. If you don’t have a porch and want to improve the appearance of your front entrance, consider incorporating a porch.

There are numerous porch ideas available online to choose from. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or want to create an ideal area where you can sit over your favorite book, or just to watch your kids play, a porch will add value to your home.

Exterior Accessories

You don’t have to purchase expensive accessories for your front entrance. You can include a few DIY accessories to give it a fresh look. For instance, you can hang some flowers at the entrance to give your space a lively appearance especially during the dry season when the grass is unappealing.

Make your mailbox livelier by adding a new pop of bright color. The welcome mat is common in many homes. Give your entrance a unique feel with a good customized welcome mat. You can choose affordable and unique welcome mats from your nearest market.


Remodeling your front entrance does not have to be expensive. You can incorporate the above remodeling ideas at affordable prices. What’s more, sprucing your front entrance will boost the value of your home should you want to sell it in the future.