One way to improve the value of your home is by renovating the bathroom. As renovation experts in Perth, we understand this is not something you can get into without proper planning. You need to be aware of what is needed from the beginning of the project to the end.

One of the things you must be sure of is what you want your new bathroom to look like. In other words, design. Your desired design ideas will dictate whether you are building a new bathroom from scratch or if you are simply changing a few minor things such as the colour scheme. You will need to figure out:

  • The colour scheme
  • New fixtures
  • Location of utilities
  • Storage

Once you gather your tools and supplies, you are set to begin. Word of caution: if there will be major changes to be made, contact experts to handle the job.


In order to put in your new bathroom, you must bring down the old one. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Drain the toilet and remove it.
  • Cover up the bathtub. Remove the tiles all the way to the studs.
  • Remove the insulation from your walls using a reciprocating saw rather than a hammer to cut the panels out. You will need a mask, gloves and goggles here.
  • Remove the cabinets, mirrors, floor tiles, vanities and anything else you plan on replacing.

Install Your New Tub Basin or Shower

Once the old bathroom is down, or at least the bits you want down, you are ready to begin putting in the new fixtures. Make sure that the shower head or basin you pick blends in with your new décor.

The base you are working with determines the layout. Ensure that you figure out all the other features such as the location of the door. Also, if you can install a combination shower and tub, that would be ideal. However, that depends on space.

Adjust the New Fixtures and Features

Get the vanity and cabinets in. Ensure that you have the right dimensions. At this point, you might consider involving an electrician because you may need to move the power outlets.

Lay Down the New Tiles

What’s a new bathroom without new tiles? Ensure that they are in a straight line by using a mason’s chalk line to mark reference lines. Then you can move on to the new drywall and painting. The drywall phase may take some time as it involves cutting the new drywall to fit around the vanity and other features.

Once the drywall is up, the painting can begin. Use paint with a semi-gloss finish because it is resistant to mildew and mold.

Install Your New Cabinets

The cabinets, vanity and all other features that need fixing can be installed now. Begin with the vanity which is inclusive of the sink and faucet. Once the faucet and drain are in place, you are ready to install everything else.

The Toilet and Finishing up

The reason the toilet is installed last is to avoid chipping it while working on the other fixtures. You might need to get a guide for fixing the toilet or having a technician do it for you. Finish up by installing the trim around the mirrors and the room.

Your new bathroom is ready for use. Why not give it a test drive and wash off all the sweat you worked up? You have a brand new shower right there. If you in need of any help contact Chest Constructions – commercial builders Perth.