Colour plays a significant role in how employees perceive the workplace. After all, everyone sees colour and can be influenced by it somehow. If you own a business, you need employees who feel good about coming to work. If you think your space isn’t doing that, then maybe it’s time for an office fit-out.

A crucial aspect of an office fitout in Perth is the colour scheme. An office that has the right colour schemes can increase productivity and feelings of contentment, so you need to know which colour scheme is right for your space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Colour Schemes for Office

Here are some ideas in picking the perfect colour scheme for an office fit-out:

1. Reception Area

It’s important to consider your company branding when seeking the correct colours for this space. Get inspiration from your corporate colours, the logo of your business and even the company website. What matters is that a visitor’s first impression of your office’s “inner temperature” is a positive one.

2. Training Rooms

Pick colours that inspire productivity in these spaces. Choose turquoise blue if you want employees to get a spark of creativity and to communicate better. Yellow also helps employees absorb and retain information.

3. Meeting Rooms/Boardrooms

Since this space is where the majority of the work gets done daily, hues of greens is an excellent choice. Green allows for both collaboration and concentration, which may positively influence company activities and outcomes.

4. Other spaces

Paint bright, happy colours in the smaller spaces of the workplace to help employees feel lighter and more energetic. These bursts of energy are conducive to fostering productivity. Spaces may include common areas such as the office pantry, the company canteen, the hallways, and even the lounge where staff can go for breaktime.

Doing an office fitout is not an easy task. However, breathing new life and colour in your office interiors can be the best thing you can do for your business. The right colour scheme could go a long way in making employees more optimistic and motivated about their jobs.