As a construction company in Perth, we understand that one of the most crucial parts to a business is effective marketing. If nobody knows about your brand, products, or services, it becomes increasingly difficult to expand your company. For construction companies, marketing your brand through the correct channels is important. In our new post, we will break down a few ways of how to effectively market your construction company.

Social Media

When people think about social media, they think about Facebook, Instagram and maybe LinkedIn. Yes, these are all popular channels but are they ideal for a construction company? The key here is to identify which platform your audience uses and market on that platform. Facebook and LinkedIn can both work within the construction industry because there are designated groups getting on these channels solely for building and construction services.

However, a platform such as Houzz can really help market your company because it attracts a certain audience which are homeowners and construction professionals. Houzz is a platform dedicated to construction, architecture, landscaping, exterior and interior design. On Houzz, you can showcase your projects, connect with professionals, and position yourself as an expert by answering questions in the forum.

Google Search

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Everyday, millions of people are searching for information, products, services and companies. As a construction company, we understand the importance of a strong visibility on Google and other search engines. For example, when searching for construction company, or commercial builders Perth within an allocated area, Chest Constructions is visible to the person looking for it. Investing in search engine optimisation and perhaps Google AdWords can drive customers straight to your website.

By improving your website, you are improving your online presence and customers pay attention to that. No one wants to deal with a company that has a poor online presence because it communicates doubt and an unprofessional image.

Build Local Citations

Building local citations through directories is another key way in promoting your business online. What are some popular directories? Yellow Pages, True Local and Yelp to name a few. There are multiple benefits of building citations and submitting your business as a listing on these channels. The first benefit is that anyone using these directories to find companies in their area will come across your listing and the second is that it builds your online presence. Essentially, when Google discovers your brand name listed on multiple websites, it trusts it more.

Preview of a business directory on iGotBiz:

Generate Positive Reviews

The great thing about reviews is that they speak for themselves. Sure, any company can inform a potential customer on what they can do for them, but would their previous clients agree? Reviews reassure that the decision you are going to make is correct. It helps us justify and trust a decision simply because others have had a positive experience.

Often, a company will automatically generate reviews from successful projects. However, just because you completed a successful project doesn’t mean you will receive a strong review. This must be done by reaching out and asking for it. If someone has had a positive experience with you already, gaining a review will be effortless.

Offer to Help Community Projects

For new construction companies, volunteering to help in community projects can seem counter-intuitive, and it is. However, volunteering your help in small jobs in the beginning can take you a long way. The benefits of volunteering are that you will increase your company exposure and spread the word to your local community. In addition, you are also building credibility to your brand by volunteering with well-known community projects.

Marketing for any business is important, regardless if you belong to a construction firm or not. For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please contact us today.