It encourages activity, it’s ergonomic, it’s all the rage. Yep, the standing desk has well and truly transformed the traditional office design.

Chances are, you’ve probably heard (or seen your share) of standing desks. They’ve been around for a while and are increasing in popularity for use in corporate office design. And for good reason.

Studies have alarmingly found that extended periods of sitting down are linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, poor posture and even premature death.

So as you transition your team back into your Perth office, should you invest in a new office fit-out to cater for sitting and standing desk options? The answer is yes, start taking a stand because it can’t hurt to have your team feel more comfortable at work.

Before you do, you’ll want to talk to a Perth office designer or fit-out specialist to determine what else you should consider. Here are a few starting points:

Maximise your space

Traditional desk spaces take up a lot more room given that you need to allow space for bulky computer hard drives, chairs, drawers, shelves and more. Standing desks give you the option to invest in computers (or laptops) that are space-saving – and the diminished need for chairs means you have more space to play with.

Make the most of this extra room by creating a comfortable space for your team to relax. You may wish to add a small seating area in the corner where they can enjoy some quiet time on a lunch break or simply take a load off. You can even create a coffee station!

Reinvent your light sources

You may find your current overhead or natural lighting is no longer ideal given the new workspace configurations. Consider adding some floor lamps to create ambient lighting, and blinds or sheer curtains to minimise glare from windows.

Get creative with storage solutions

A few deep, floor-to-ceiling bookcases will help to enable your team to free up desk space (and stress-inducing clutter). You can choose to fill the spaces closer to the floor with plants, pictures or anything fun that helps to foster strong office culture while the spaces that are easier to reach remain free for your team to store their important bits and pieces.

Allow for options

Standing desks may not be suitable for all of your team members. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in convertible desks where they can go from sitting to standing as well as adjust the height of their desktop to suit their needs. However, these types of transitioning desks tend to be bulkier, so keep in mind you may need additional space.

Need advice on an updated office design solution that works for you?

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