Construction work can be time consuming and tedious. Construction projects requires accurate calculations in order to get things right. It is therefore a necessity to invest in tools that would make the work easier. One of the tools that constructors use to lighten up and speed their work are construction calculators.

Calculators help in solving the majority of construction problems that would take longer to solve using conventional methods. They help in carrying out estimates, planning and bidding. They are light, fast, compact and easy to carry along as you go about your duties.

As expert commercial construction builders, we have compiled below a list of 4 of the best construction calculators in the market that can help you make construction work easier.

Jobber 6 Calculator

Jobber 6 is a small calculator that comes with a wide range of uses. It is one of those must have construction calculators. It uses the right triangle math, circular and trigonometry to calculate the most complex calculations of your job. It is very fast and gives an accuracy of one sixteenth of an inch. It can solve for low denominators, convert metrics and decimals and comes with a 0 to 15 digit keypad.

For time-efficient calculations, the calculator has a backspace key. The jabber 6 calculates almost everything you need on your job site. this include finding rafter lengths, hip pitch, placement of jack rafters, beams, trusses and valleys, raked wall solutions and planning complex stairways.

Material Estimator

For volume and area solutions, the material estimator calculator comes in very handy. This small compact calculator comes with in-built answers for spacing and material calculations. It also comes with an 11 digit keypad. 7 of the digits are normal and the remaining 4 are fractions. The calculator gives its solutions in inches, feet, metrics, yards and fractions.

It is best for the following estimates fences, decks, tiles, gravel, flooring, concrete, drywalls, panelling, painting and many other estimates. It also comes with an easy to follow reference guide and a battery.

Model 4019 Material Estimator

The model 4019 is another small compact calculator that helps constructors to save on time and money by reducing estimating errors. With this calculator, you can get the exact items you need for every part of your job. It is best used for calculating the estimate costs and materials for fences, concrete, tiles, floors, bricks, paint, gravel, drywall, decks and panels, blocks among many more. It also comes with an easy to follow guide and a long life battery.

Construction Master Pro

The construction master pro is one of the most advanced construction calculators in the market today; it has a very elaborate preference selection and new solutions that you will not find in many other calculators. It is easy to use, fast and very accurate. Constructors prefer this calculator for completing layouts, bids and estimates. It saves on a lot of money, disappointments and time while at the same time improves on efficiency.

The construction master pro calculator comes with an easy to understand workbook. For even better and easier understanding, there are illustrations that come with answers and a number of examples.