In many homes, your kitchen speaks volumes about your style, preferences and personality. Friends and family as well as guests to your home will form an impression from your kitchen. It is not about how big or clean your kitchen is. Rather, it is the layout and the ambience that this area of your house creates.

Different Kitchen Layouts

There are as many different types of kitchen designs to choose from as there are preferences and personalities. Let’s look at a few styles that you could choose from:

The L-Shaped Plan

This one takes the first slot because it’s the most popular kitchen style. It is easy to effect and does not require complex planning. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you have every surface within easy reach.

This kitchen type is laid on two perpendicular sides of the kitchen. It is possible that most people opt for this plan because it can be adapted to any kitchen size.

The Parallel- Shaped Kitchen

This style is also popular for its design as per necessity characteristic. The layout looks like the galley kitchen layout without the wall. It consists of:

  • A workspace on one wall
  • A freestanding workspace that runs parallel to the workspace on the wall

The parallel-shaped kitchen gives you appropriate access to the following:

  • Sink
  • Cabinets
  • Other important appliances

The cabinets are on two parallel wall and they create small pass-through kitchen. It is the best style if you have some interruption between the walls of your kitchen such as a window or a storeroom door.

The Island Kitchen Plan

This style fits a homeowner with an eclectic sense of style. The island kitchen layout allows you to fit antiques into your kitchen. You have the freedom to go for pieces such as:

  • DIY kitchen furniture
  • Antique freestanding centerpiece

These can be remodeled to serve as a kitchen island.

This style of kitchen is also appropriate for the reasons outlined below:

  • You need extra space for food preparation
  • you want to add extra seating

You can then decide if you are going to add a sink to the island or opt for a design that comprises of a food preparation side and a counter-style dining one.

The U-shaped Kitchen

The u-shaped style fits a big kitchen. If you have the space but are not interested in an island style kitchen, then the u-shaped is the perfect style for you. It comprises a platform that runs through three walls which form the u shape. It has lots of cabinets, wall units and drawers.

The Straight Line Kitchen

This style befits small spaces such as studio apartments. It is designed to fit one side of a wall and provides efficiency to small kitchens.


Depending on the space you are working with as well as your personal style, there are many kitchen style ideas that you can choose. All you need to do is to ensure that the style you opt for suits the design of your home as well as your lifestyle.