Shop fit-out can improve the profitability and performance of any business. There is subliminal psychology attached to shop fit-outs that entice and grab the attention of potential and returning customers. Small business owners use shop fit-out to attract people into their shops and steer them in the right direction inside the shop. Related: Signs You Need To Invest In A New Shop Fit Out

Here are 5 psychological strategies for attracting customers to a shop and increase sales using shop fit outs:

1. The Height of Shelves

The height of the shelves is important. Positioning the shelves properly can increase their sales. Small business owners should position their shelves to be eye-level with their customers. Products on lower or higher shelves do not sell well. The products that sit at eye level sell well, increasing sales.

2. Use Appealing Window Displays

The first thing potential customers see is the window displays. Small business owners can use appealing windows displays to tell potential customers what their shop sells and to showcase what they have to offer. The window displays should entice potential customers.

3. Use Eye-Catching Displays

Business owners should create eye-catching displays that can make people want to stop and check out what their shop offers. They can place the eye-catching displays at the entrance. Using eye-catching displays attracts potential customers and increases sales.

4. Change Shop Layout Design

Modern shoppers tend to rush. They do not stop to check out various products inside the shop. If the customers rush, they purchase fewer products. Small business owners can change their shop’s layout design to slow down movement in their shops. Slowing down movement inside the shop increases sales. Also check out: Different Types of Shop Retail Layouts You Need to Know

5. The Checkout Counter

Business owners should position their checkout counter correctly inside their shop. The natural position is at the ending point of their shop’s layout design. They should use a wide checkout counter since customers place their personal items, wallets and purses on the checkout counter.

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