Did you know that Australians spend over $1 billion per year on every cosmetic medical clinic?

Cosmetic treatments are a combination of surgery, injectables, and treatments which are now being performed across each cosmetic clinic ranging from CBD to the humble suburbs.

With the industry becoming increasingly competitive every day, practitioners cannot afford not to put their best foot forward to capture clients’ attention. A good place to start would be the interior design and fitout of your cosmetic specialty clinic as they speak volumes about the calibre of your service.

On that note, below are some of the world’s most stylish cosmetic clinics:


Combining beauty and functionality in all the nooks and crannies of this 1,858 square feet space, SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic remains to be one of the most popular clinics especially in San Diego. From their accredited surgery centre to their custom-built furniture, the design of their cosmetic clinic enables them to provide quality, experienced health care in a relaxed and beautiful setting. The specialty clinic specialises in cosmetic procedures for the face and neck, with undivided attention from their team of professionals who are devoted to making you feel perfectly at home.


Nestled down a discreet cul-de-sac off Brompton Road, Malucci London draws celebrities and the super-rich seeking subtle adjustments and ultimate discretion. With Italian sofas and a glossy bar, this cosmetic clinic feels like a high-end hairdresser or a sleek pied-a-terre. Surgical procedures, from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty, plus all kinds of lifts and tucks, are carried out in the immaculate onsite operating theatre.


YES VISAGE Clinic enjoys the confidence of their clients, including Czech and Slovak famous celebrities, top businessmen, and politicians with their discreet individual approach and emphasis on safe and quality experience. Aside from its chic and elegant receiving area, their cosmetic studio also has luxury hotel rooms right in the clinic complex. The clinic’s quiet and comfortable modern accommodation facilities, with its exceptional services and opportunities for relaxation and wellness, provide a space for longer recovery or accompanying family and friends.


Heightened by their desire to build a secured space for their celebrity clients, Absolute Cosmetic Medicine’s clinic design strikes an exemplary balance between establishing safety, brand image, and company ethos. The interior of the cosmetic medical clinic is inspired by European luxury trends and sets itself apart from the conventional Bali-resort aesthetic. The clinic’s sophisticated design also caters to its CBD-based clientele who undertake consultations during their breaks and after-work hours.


Shens Clinic is one of the largest plastic surgery clinics with day surgery facilities in Singapore, spanning a luxury space of 3400 square feet in the heart of Orchard Road. As you enter their cosmetic clinic, you will be greeted by a spacious waiting area, with marble-finished counters, relaxing neutral colours, and polished custom-built furniture.

If you would like to build, fit out or renovate your cosmetic clinic, get in touch with our team of commercial builders so we can start exploring options.