The interior design of an office is very relevant. It does not only provide a working space for the employees but also serves various corporate aspects such as the corporate identity of the organisation. When planning for an office fitout in Perth, it is very important to remember the following things:


A comprehensive budget is very crucial in the planning process of an office fitout. This prevents additional costs that were not included in the initial quote of the project. It is important to check whether the initial quote covers the following;

  1. Type of fit out – A careful design of the fit out should be presented to avoid disappointment in the end leading to reworks that would incur additional costs.
  2. Products and services required – The cost and delivery of materials to be used and the services to be provided during the construction process should be well accounted for in the budget.
  3. Basis of the contract – If the construction of the fitout will be done in a contractual basis, it is important to check all aspects of the contract. For example the length of warranty for any repairs or minor changes and what happens when the project overruns.
  4. Management of the project – It is important to clearly understand how the project will be managed to increase accountability and mitigate additional charges to the organisation.

Brand management

The corporate identity of an organisation is very important. Corporate identity is mostly achieved through branding, such as the colours, logos, structural appearance, motto’s, visions and values. A Perth office Fitout should complement the brand of the company. It should not only strive towards maintaining the clients’ impression of the company but also drawing prospective clients to the organisation.

Design of the Fitout

Research proves that satisfied employees are productive employees. It is therefore relevant to consider whether the design of the Fitout will suit the employee’s needs and improve their workplace behavior. Some of the needs to consider include: provision of window blinds for good lighting to the room, power sources, air conditioning of the room, personal spaces for the employees and enhancement of employees security.

Project Timelines

Proper timelines prevent frustrations at the end of the project. The contractors of Perth fitouts should provide a professional opinion on timelines. This allows for proper planning and time allocation which subsequently reduce inconveniences that may incur losses to the organization.

Migration of IT and Telecommunication

Being responsive to clients in an organisation is very crucial in retaining them. Migration of IT and telecommunication is considered when the location of the offices will be changed. High level of professionalism should be considered here to avoid disrupting the normal communication that takes place in the organisation.

Legal Requirements

When planning for Perth fitouts, it is important to consider the legal requirements of the process to prevent lawsuits by adhering to the laws and acquiring a law permit. It is advisable to seek professional advice in this (see this post) It is crucial to also ensure that the contractors are aware of these requirements.

Putting the above issues into consideration will assist heavily in proper planning of Perth office fitouts. This will ensure that the Fitouts are satisfactory and comprehensively meet your needs and priorities. Looking for your next fitout? Contact us, your office fitout Perth experts.