So you want to start your own practice but don’t know where to begin?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

Opening your first medical practice is a challenge. That is why it is critical to be organised and clear about what you envisage, and proactive in taking the necessary steps to achieve it.

To kickstart your project, here are some initial things to consider.

Starting with your budget:

The planning of your practice begins with a clear understanding of your financial position and accessible options. Seeking the advice of specialist financiers to gauge your options is an important first step to define your project budget. Whether you are able to comfortably lease or borrow to purchase, seeking professional advice ensures the smoothest start to your journey.

Location and council regulations that suit your vision:

Once your budget is defined, search for the ideal location that fits your vision and financial position. Depending on the nature of your practice, you need to be aware of particular relevant council building regulations. Reach out to the appropriate local council to obtain the necessary approval to meet local regulatory standards. Consulting with a property professional can guide you through this process to certify your plans abide by the correct codification.

Design and construction:

Designing your own practice is an exciting journey, although, be aware of important considerations during this process. These considerations include disabled access, infection control, energy efficiency compliance among other things that impact design. Consulting with specialist medical centre fitout designers who are experienced with specific compliance requirements can make this process easy and save valuable time.

Perth Commercial Builders

Chest Constructions have the advantage of being experienced as an all-in-one construction and Perth’s commercial fitout company who can work with you and your vision every step of the way.

As commercial builders in Perth, our expertise in specific knowledge surrounding medical practice design and construction, and local council regulations make us your perfect partner in embarking on the path to opening your own practice.