Did you know that you only have exactly 7 seconds to make a good first impression? The design of any medical practice is always important but all the more if it’s a cosmetic clinic.


It’s plain and simple. You are selling beauty and the design of your cosmetic clinic especially the reception area will speak volumes about your credibility and capability to do a job well done.

Thoughtful, bespoke, and sophisticated design for your specialty clinic is key to set an inviting ambiance and more importantly, cultivate client confidence and loyalty.

To further our discussion, here are the top three things that every cosmetic clinic owner should keep in mind to establish an income-generating practice.


Are your clinic spaces designed to promote safety and privacy?

Can sessions and appointments be conducted without the risk of someone overhearing sensitive medical details?

These are crucial questions you need to ask yourself.

Our internal research shows that privacy has one of the greatest impacts on patient care delivery, well-being, and revenue. This only tells you to offer spaces built to higher standards to achieve patient satisfaction.

So here are some of the best ways on how to create a cosmetic clinic that promotes client privacy:

Focus on adaptable spaces

Having mobile partitions exhibits a feeling of control, and allows clients to adapt the space as needed. For example, a client who is waiting alone can rearrange the space for peace and privacy. This also applies to treatment rooms. If health care professionals and other staff can expand or divide consultation rooms as needed, the clinic can flexibly meet the privacy needs of their clients.

Add a cloakroom or waiting room

It is enough to have a special zone in the waiting room where patients could leave their outer clothing. However, for longer treatments that require time for resting, then it is worth allocating a separate room for the cloakroom where they can relax.

Integrate technology into architectural plans

Digital check-in kiosks and patient survey stations are both ideas to consider in a cosmetic clinic design to promote privacy and confidentiality with your client’s records.


Did you know that about 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by unclean hands touching contaminated surfaces?

Aside from the threat of improper sanitary compliance to our health, it also raises the chances of losing the credibility of your cosmetic clinic. Therefore, proper compliance to the sanitary protocols including the condition of the pipes, drainage system, and sanitary facilities is vital to not only prevent contamination and the spread of chemicals and contagious skin infections but also in winning your clients’ trust and fostering loyalty.

Other important factors to consider when exercising proper sanitary compliance include:

A place for storing cosmetic preparations

The products and equipment you use in your cosmetic clinic require appropriate thermal conditions and humidity to maintain its quality, so you need to prioritise providing an architecturally structured space for its proper storage.

Sufficient restrooms and waste storage space

A separate, lockable room is absolutely necessary to ensure proper waste storage with some materials inevitably containing harmful chemicals. In addition, sufficient restrooms are also crucial to accommodate the needs of your cosmetic clinic clients and workers during their cleaning and sanitation process before and after undergoing a procedure.

Install an efficient ventilation system

Ventilation can control indoor humidity and airborne contaminants, both of which either contribute to or act as health hazards. To do this, you can adapt an HVAC system design which is best applicable to clinics, health centers, offices and even houses.


In this increasingly cluttered space, why would your cosmetic clinic be preferred among others?

More importantly, why would they hand you thousands of dollars?

This is where your personal branding comes in and the importance of capitalising on the design of your practice to add value to the professional image of your cosmetic studio.

Take a look at some of our clinic design tips below that can help you set a warm atmosphere that evokes feelings of trust and confidence.

Ensure that the entrance is welcoming

We recommend implementing a large doorway so that your patients can step in your clinic comfortably with adequate space for their companion.

Receive your patients with care

In the reception area of your cosmetic clinic, make sure that it is immaculate, sturdy and at a comfortable height. You also need to consider allotting spacious areas for clients to fill-out forms.

Pay attention to colour and lights

Research shows that colours and lights can affect the mood of people in a subconscious manner. So focus on the colour scheme, lighting and the kind of paints you will use in your cosmetic clinic to spark feelings of calm and serenity.

We work with Absolute Cosmetics, one of Western Australia’s leading high-end cosmetic clinics. Initially, we built their flagship store and with its remarkable success, they also recently partnered with us to work on their clinic expansion in Innaloo.

If you would like to build, fit-out or renovate your cosmetic clinic, contact us so we can start exploring options.