Two years after the pandemic struck the world, several businesses are now gradually mandating their employees to return to their offices and thus, an office fit-out may be necessary to align your spaces with the current design trends. Many have embraced the hybrid work setup, which according to studies, can boost Australia’s economy by $18 billion.

Either way, this move encourages business leaders to improve their office space to maintain high productivity.

But before commencing your office fit-out project, below are our key reminders you cannot afford to miss:

Choosing Aesthetics Over Comfort

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders remain to be one of the top problems in office spaces across Australia. The solution is to forge an office fit-out design that puts comfort first while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Fact: Aesthetics and comfort do not significantly affect task performance. However, studies show that the emotions brought by the aesthetic design and comfort of your office space furniture can improve the results of certain tasks.

As many companies have already invested in ergonomic chairs, prioritising height-adjustable tables is encouraged too. Research shows that standing up while working has improved employee efficiency by 23%.

Not Measuring Your Space

The optimal workspace per employee is 16 square metres. For executives and leaders, the average is 32 square metres. On the other hand, 9 square metres per person is more ideal if you have an open office space.

These are just guides and may vary depending on the type of business and the overall office fit-out design you are going for. Nevertheless, it pays to keep these measurements in mind to create a great workplace and maximise your employees’ full potential.

Too Large Furniture

A larger office space does not mean you can splurge on bigger furniture. These unused spaces, when added together, can be dedicated for a different purpose like a small meditative space for employees.

Our internal research found that designated quiet hours and spaces provide relief to employees, especially in an open setup for office spaces. It reduces stress levels which is one of the top causes of absenteeism. In 2019, absenteeism cost Australian companies over $35 Billion worth in wages and lost productivity.

Bad Lighting

Did you know that one-third of employees wish for better lighting in their office spaces? This is according to a global survey conducted by Staples in 2018.

While there are several lights to choose from, we encourage investing in LED lights. LED lights are better than fluorescent ones because of their longer lifespan. In addition, it is deemed to be healthier.

Studies show that fluorescent lights can trigger symptoms of migraines and can interrupt sleep patterns. On the other hand, LED lights can be adjusted depending on the time of the day, thereby making it a better option for lighting solutions in your office space.

Avoiding the above pitfalls can do wonders for your employees. Take note of these before embarking on your next office fit-out project.

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