It is critical to consider all the financial factors that would impact your choice of medical fit out. Luckily, Chest Constructions has simplified the process with this 5-factor guide.

With years worth of experience, our designers, architects, project managers and specialists have compiled a list of the 5 most vital things to consider when organising your medical fit out in Perth. Here they are:

1. Existing Site Conditions

What are the existing site conditions at your chosen location? How old is the building? How is the air conditioning? What about other raw materials?

Generally, older buildings make a fit out costlier. This is because adhering to the required building code necessitates a significant amount of work.

Furthermore, they may have limitations on the extent to which you can alter them, making the implementation process complicated. Before settling for a location, assess how it may reduce or increase your expenses.

2. Commercial or Residential Property

When you’re branching out to start your practice, you may opt for residential property instead of commercial property. Most times, this is because of the notion that residential property is cheaper to buy and maintain.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Turning a residential area into a commercial medical centre can be more involving than you think. Such renovations could cost more than commercial tenancy, and attract fewer clients in the long run.

3. Size

What is the ideal size of your medical clinic? Would you rather work alone or jointly with other medical professionals?

Is there potential for expansion soon? Find a size that fits your current needs while anticipating the future without wasting space.

4. Choice of Architectural and Interior Finishings

What types of finishes would you want to employ? Remember, first impressions matter and most times, finishes make or break the aesthetic of any space.

That said, settle for a fully-fledged interior design or a few tweaks that can upgrade your space instantly. Moreover, make up your mind early enough before embarking on your project to avoid costly revisions.

5. Do You Have to Purchase All Equipment or Can You Hire?

Starting a medical clinic in Perth is a big financial decision, but it does not need to be overly expensive. Consider hiring equipment to keep costs down.

There are many benefits to renting rather than buying, one of which is easy maintenance. You’ll also access newer models easier and affordably.

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