Medical fitout is the renovation of the internal construction of the interior of a tenancy to suit the needs of a medical business. The tenant hires a medical fit-out contractor to renovate or construct the interior of a tenancy to meet their requirements.

Striking the right note with your patients starts with intelligent interior design. Finding the right look for your commercial medical centre means creating a blend between clinical and warmth. You must hit the right professional note while still making your office look inviting. In this post, we’ll go through things to consider when it comes to revamping the interior of your practice. We’ll give you some great ideas to get things on the right track.

What’s Involved in Medical Fit-Outs?

  • Site and Location – You need to find the best location. Once you find the site, create a floor plan and assess electrical and plumbing requirements before you negotiate the lease of the property.
  • Lease Negotiation – It is better to use an expert to help you with lease negotiation. The expert will ensure you get the best deal.
  • Feasibility Study – You need to consider your finances, IT, software, potential revenue and repayment options before you set up your practice.
  • Building Design – Hire an expert to help you create an amazing practice that combines practicalities with aesthetics.
  • Healthcare Interior Design – You need to consider your staff and patients as you address facility planning, ergonomics, patient perception, and statutory compliance issues.

What are the Factors that Decide the Cost of Your New Medical Fit-Out?

1. What is the Condition of Your Current Setup?

The condition of the current building can determine the cost of your new medical fit-out. The age of your air conditioning system, raw materials you will use in the construction, the location of the building and the age of the building will decide the cost of your medical fit-out.

2. Older the Building, Costlier the Setup

You will do a lot of work in an old building. This is because you will have to upgrade the building to meet and adhere to the current building code. It takes more work to renovate these buildings. You are also more likely to run into challenges that can increase the cost of your medical fit-out.

3. Medical Fit-Out to Residential or Commercial Property?

Many people think it is easy to convert a residential property into a commercial medical centre. That is why so many people buy residential property. It is not only challenging to convert a residential property. It is also expensive to convert it. It is much cheaper to rent a commercial property.

4. How Elaborate is Your Planning?

The type of finishing touches you want can decide the cost of your new medical fit-out. It is cheap to do a few tweaks on the building. However, it is expensive to make several changes to the building. It is cheaper to choose a design and stick to your design. So, do not revisit your design again and again.

Medical Fitout Tips

Where to begin?

Consider hiring a medical fitout specialist in Perth. There’s more to a functional medical office than just hanging the right art. At Chest Constructions, we have the design expertise and experience to create your ideal patient area.

Put Your Patients at Ease

The most important design tip is to start with the patient area. These areas should be easy to find, clean, and welcoming. Be wary of placing chairs in areas where there are drafts or in uncomfortably lit areas.

Get the Lighting and Colour Right

Try to use calming blues and greens or neutrals for the walls and furniture. Choose lighter shades for walls so that the area seems more expansive. It’s also a good idea to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible. A sunny, well-lit area lifts the spirits.


Your flooring must be easy to clean and sanitise. The material should be able to take a lot of abuse because that’ll be a high-traffic area. You’ll need ramps to cater to patients in wheelchairs and with mobility issues. Also, ensure that the surface is non-slip.

Make Clever Use of Space

Patients should be led automatically to the reception desk. Off-limit areas should be clearly marked. Consider some space-saving storage options such as vertical storage or moveable storage.

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