An office fit-out refers to the process of making an office space of a commercial building habitable. It helps to create a conducive environment for work. An office fit-out in Perth incorporates many processes such as planning, designing, and construction. However, this article will focus on electrical design requirements during an office fit-out.

What’s involved in an Electrical Fit Out?

An electrical fit-out involves the following activities:

Switchboard Installation Process

A switchboard is the foundation of the electricity supply in a room. When moving to an old building, the switchboard is most likely faulty or worn out. In such a case, a new switchboard should be installed. Moreover, if the building was built from scratch, the switchboard should be installed first before continuing with any other electrical installations.

Installation of Safety Switches

Just as the name suggests, safety switches are crucial to promote electrical safety. They are set up and designed to prevent electrical hazards. Safety switches are a fundamental component in any building that has electricity. They also prevent electrical appliances from getting damaged.

Setting up Lighting Elements

The lighting options chosen during the office fit-out depend on the type of business carried out in the office space. For example, jewelry stores require lighting that is bright to make their goods visible as well as bring out the glitter in the ornaments. Office spaces, on the other hand, maybe perfect using practical fluorescent lights. Lighting options that save on power are suitable for big factories.

Power Sockets and Cable Installation

Power sockets must be strategically installed in an office space to make sure that everyone has access to power. It is through power sockets that devices like computers, laptops, and chargers are powered. The cables must also be installed tactfully to make sure that the entire office space has access to power.

Alarm and Security Installation

As part of the office fit-out, alarms and security cameras can be installed during the electrification process. Alarm systems are important to restrict access into the office space to authorized persons only. Security cameras and sensor lighting may be installed outside as well.

Types of Data Cable You May need

Even though commercial spaces tend to use many types of cables, they all fall under three categories. These include the following:

  • Coaxial Cables- they use copper to transmit electric currents from one point to another.
  • Twisted Pair Cable- they have a twisted structure, which is different and unique. However, they also use copper to transmit electrical currents.
  • Fibre Optic Cables- this type of cables use fibre to carry light signals from one place to another.

Wind Up

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