More companies are now adding greenery and outdoor elements to their offices due to their benefits. As the pressure to go ‘green’ looms over businesses, many are unaware that they are already greenwashing. Without sustainability, biophilic design might do more harm than good to the environment.

What is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is exposed as a term used when a company falsely promotes itself as environmentally conscious and helping the world.

Greenwashing could damage the reputation of a company that claims to be environmentally friendly and supportive of a circular economy. This is a major concern for ethical interior office designers and architects.

In a circular economy, waste and pollution are minimised during the design process and natural ecosystems are revitalised. Therefore, the architect or designer may be held responsible for any damages caused by using a falsely promoted sustainable product.

Large developments are a classic example of this phenomenon. A lot of property developers promote the idea of nature connection but achieve it at the expense of ecosystems by clearing large swaths of land, applying green roofs and landscaping with native plants.

How To Avoid Greenwashing In Your Design

How can you ensure that the implementation of your biophilic office design is genuinely environmental-friendly and sustainable? Here are the factors to spot and consider.

  • The process of obtaining all the raw materials
  • The methods used in manufacturing the materials
  • How it is being transported
  • Its life cycle

When you are looking for a Perth commercial builder, do your due diligence on their workflow and how they obtain their raw materials.

How to Bridge Sustainability to Biophilic Designs

For biophilic design architecture to be effective in furthering the facility’s sustainability efforts, it must be incorporated into the design process from the start. Careful planning is key.

Greenwashing in the form of “biophilic design” exists when there is no genuine commitment to sustainability at the heart of a project. Understanding the basics of modern biophilic design should be at the forefront of your project to minimise further remodelling, which contributes to the overall carbon footprint.

At the beginning of your office design process, integrate nature and ensure the visibility of grass, sky, trees, and light. You may also choose wood or cork flooring instead of black marble or sealed concrete.

Consider working with a commercial builder in Perth that takes a consultative approach if you want a biophilic and sustainable design for your office.

Sustainable Designs by Perth Commercial Builder

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